Yo Gabba Gabba!: Party in a Box

For parents who want their kids to be “occupied” for a couple of hours while they do their own thing then send them off to Gabba Gabba land to sing and dance around.  This collection contains 3 DVDs and with DJ Lance Rock spinning the tunes you can be sure that your little ones’ attention will be fully on Yo Gabba Gabba.

Yo Gabba Gabba: The Dancey Dance Bunch:

Episode 1: Friends: Playing and dancing with your friends is fun as long as everyone is respecting everyone else.

Episode 2: Eat: Toodee learns that trying new food is fun and can create a party in your tummy.

Episode 3: Dance: A step to the right. A step to the left. Clap your hands.  It’s fun to learn how to move to the music.

Episode 4: Happy: Having friends will make you happy.  Having friends who hug you will make you even happier.

Special Features: Meet the Dancey Dance Bunch!

Yo Gabba Gabba: Clubhouse:

Episode 1: Clubhouse: Brobee and Muno build a clubhouse and it is for boys only. That means that Foofa and Toodee cannot play there. Help find a solution to their problem.

Episode 2: Adventure: Muno, who has been itching for an adventure, and his friends find a secret passageway that goes through the jungle to a hidden treasure.

Episode 3: Summer: Summertime is a great time to do fun stuff outdoors and your Gabbaland friends can help you with that.

Episode 4: Animals: Dance to the music as you follow animal prints, listen to animal sounds and examine all the animals in Gabbaland.

Yo gabba Gabba!: Birthday Boogie:

Episode 1: Birthday: It is Brobee’s birthday and DJ Lance et al have planned a surprise party for him.

Episode 2: Dress Up: Have fun dressing up and playing pretend as you sing and dance with your Gabbaland friends.

Episode 3: Talent: Discover all the special talents of your Gabbaland friends as they prepare for the Gabbaland talent show.

Episode 4: Ride: Discover all the things you can ride on like surfboards and roller skates as DJ Lance provides all the music to move to.

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