iCarly: iCollection

A collection of three previously released iCarly DVDs: iSpace Out, iFight Shelby Marx and iSaved Your Life.

iFight Shelby Marx:

Episode 1: iFight Shelby Marx (TV Movie): Shelby Marx is the best female fighter in the world and what is Carly to do when she is challenged to an exhibition fight with her?

Episode 2: iLook Alike: In order to sneak out to a mixed martial arts fight, Carly, Sam and Freddie find dopplegangers.

Episode 3: iDate a Bad Boy (TV Movie): Carly begins dating the new boy in school who comes complete with a bad boy reputation.

Episode 4: iCarly Awards: It is the first ever iCarly Awards and Carly, Sam and Freddie pay tribute to the top ten videos sent in to iCarly over the past year.

iCarly: iSaved Your Life:

Episode 1: iSaved Your Life (Extended Director’s Cut): After saving Carly from an oncoming truck, Freddie finds himself the object of her affections.

Episode 2: iQuit iCarly (TV Movie): Carly and Sam butt heads when they both are helping two different young directors in a video contest.

Episode 3: iThink They Kissed: By accident Sam spills the beans that she and Freddie kissed to Carly.

Episode 4: iTwins: When Sam’s twin sister comes in for a visit Freddie believes he is just being played for a fool.

Episode 5: iMove Out: Freddie is done with his mother being too protective of him so he decides to move out on his own.

iCarly: iSpace Out:

Episode 1: iSpace Out: the iCarly team is put through a battery of tests to see if they are fit enough to broadcast the first live web show from space.

Episode 2: iWas a Pageant Girl: Sam lets it slip that she used to take part in pageants and then convinces Carly to compete in one against her arch enemy.

Episode 3: iEnrage Gibby: Believing that Freddie is making a play for his girlfriend, Gibby is now looking for revenge.

Episode 4: iFix a Pop Star: The gang agrees to try and help a pop star who has fallen from grace on her road to a comeback.

Episode 5: iWon’t Cancel the Show: Sam has a chili dog incident but since her father has a chance to watch the show from overseas, Carly insists that the show must go on.

Episode 6: iBelieve in Bigfoot: A believer in Bigfoot, Carly convinces Sam and Freddie to go on a search to find the creature.

Special Features: Behind-the-Scenes Extras, Pilot Episode of Big Time Rush, “iSpace Chat” Trivia, Bonus Episode of Victorious

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