The Law of Attraction @ Montreal World Film Festival

Chinese film “The Law Of Attraction” is part of this year’s selection in the World Competition category. Director Zhao Tianyu gives the audience a peak into the lives of four couples at different stages in their relationships. Encounter, creating life, betrayal and regeneration are the themes explored.

Airport auditor Gao Tuan has come in contact with a businessman over the span of three years with the hopes of maybe getting to know him someday. The day finally arrives as he is rushing to catch a flight but at the security checkpoint, Gao requests further screening for him which leaves him furious as he misses his flight. Things then take a surprising turn for him.

Xue Lian and her mathematician hubby Wang Yong adore each other but when they decide to start a family, things start falling apart as they get lost in the process and through their emotional journey, they try to find their way back to the true meaning of their relationship.

A Mei gets into a terrible traffic accident in company of her lover. Her condition gradually improves with the care of her husband while her lover winds up in a coma. Slowly information comes to light which makes her realize there is more to this accident than she realized and her husband has a big secret that he has been keeping from her as well.

Hai Qiao and his girlfriend Jia Xin compete together in skydiving tournaments. All was well until the day she became addicted to drugs. As she struggles to overcome this, Hai Qiao does whatever he can to save her from herself.

The writer/director had a good idea to combine four stories as he did and showed how relationships can change and how challenging some of them really can be. The first three stories were captivating but the last one had something missing and I found myself wondering about the previous three stories, and if at the end, there would be an update on what happens to them.

Overall an enjoyable film.

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