Besides reality television shows what has been really popular for many years now has been NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service).  This team of experts from different backgrounds and bringing their own unique talents to the table is mandated with investigating crimes which have links with armed forces personnel.  It is a show in which you gives you a little bit of everything with sexual tension, humour, thrills, action, forensics, and interesting character dynamics.

Episode 1: Spider and the Fly: Paloma Reynosa (played by Jacqueline Obradors) steps up her attempts to get back at Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon).

Episode 2: Worst Nightmare: A grandfather gets way too involved when the NCIS team is on the hunt for a kidnapped girl – his granddaughter.

Episode 3: Short Fuse: The FBI and NCIS join forces on a case involving a female bomb tech.

Episode 4: Royals & Loyals: It’s an international incident when the body of an American petty officer is found aboard a British ship.

Episode 5: Dead Air: The team is called in to investigate the on air death of a DJ and a Naval officer.

Episode 6: Cracked: The latest woman in Tony’s (played by Michael Weatherly) life causes some trouble.

Episode 7: Broken Arrow: Everyone is surprised when Gibbs asks Tony’s father (played by Robert Wagner) to help them with a murder investigation.

Episode 8: Enemies Foreign: The team is called upon to protect Ziva’s (played by Cote De Pablo) father (played by Michael Nouri) when he attends the NCIS conference.

Episode 9: Enemies Domestic: One of the NCIS team remembers their first case.

Episode 10: False Witness: A Naval petty officer who is supposed to testify at a trial disappears and it is up to the NCIS team to find him.

Episode 11: Ships in the Night: A marine is murdered aboard a dinner ship cruise.

Episode 12: Recruited: A petty officer is killed during his recruitment session.

Episode 13: Freedom: NCIS has a tricky case on their hands when the body of a Marine is found after he was beaten to death on his own property.

Episode 14: A Man Walks Into a Bar…: While undergoing an ordered psych evaluation a naval commander is found shot to death on his ship.

Episode 15: Defiance: A marine dies while saving the life of the Belgravian prime minister so the NCIS team is put on bodyguard duty of the prime minister’s daughter who is in the US completing her studies.

Episode 16: Kill Screen: NCIS are on the trail of murderer after the fingertips and teeth of a Marine who was murdered are found in the purse of a pickpocket.

Episode 17: One Last Score: A new agent joins the team.

Episode 18: Out of the Frying Pan…: Gibbs is ordered by Vance (played by Rocky Carroll) to interrogate the young son of a former Marine, who was found murdered.

Episode 19: Tell-All: A Navy commander is found murdered but he has left a message written in his own blood.

Episode 20: Two-Faced: Ziva introduces the team to her new boyfriend.

Episode 21: Dead Reflection: The NCIS team has to locate a petty officer caught by a security camera committing a murder.

Episode 22: Baltimore: A murder causes Tony to remember when he was introduced to Gibbs.

Episode 23: Swan Song: The latest victim of the Port-to-Port killer is linked to the NCIS team.

Episode 24: Pyramid: The entire team is in danger when the identity of the Port-to-Port killer is revealed.

Special Features: Grab Your Gear: A Look at Season 8, Very Special Effects, Lights! Camera! Weatherly! Michael Weatherly Directs an Episode, “I Have a Question For…”Questions From the Fans, Technically Speaking: A Conversation with Technical Advisior, Leon Carroll Jr., Murder They Wrote: The Writers Talk About NCIS, Practical Magic: Turning Back Time on Director Vanc