Who knew there was more than one division of NCIS?  Apparently there are.  This division takes care of dangerous people who pose a threat to national security in the U.S.  Sometimes in order to do so they have to go undercover or use high tech gadgets.  You can catch the third season of the show (after you have caught up by watching this DVD, of course) on CBS on Tuesday nights.

Episode 1: Human Traffic: The NCIS team is on the hunt to locate a member of their own team who has gone missing.

Episode 2: Black Widow: The team is assigned the case of investigating the death of a NCIS agent.

Episode 3: Borderline: Nate (played by Peter Cambor) is back from a secret assignment.

Episode 4: Special Delivery: The death of a Marine seems to be connected to his recent duty in Iraq.

Episode 5: Little Angels: The team races to save the daughter of a Naval Commander whose daughter has been buried alive.

Episode 6: Standoff: Tracy Keller (played by Marisol Nichols), an ex-partner of Callen’s (played by Chris O’Donnell), takes a Navy Recruitment Centre hostage.

Episode 7: Anonymous: The NCIS team has to locate the one witness who can identify a group of scientists who have all had their faces surgically altered.

Episode 8: Bounty: A retired Army Sergeant is kidnapped and it is NCIS to the rescue.

Episode 9: Absolution: An antiques dealer is murdered but more importantly their top-secret book of information is missing.

Episode 10: Deliverance: Hetty (played by Linda Hunt) and her team are still searching for the missing book with other foreign agencies also hot on the trail.

Episode 11: Disorder: A Navy intelligence officer is the only survivor of a shootout and is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

Episode 12: Overwatch: Hetty and Callen get competitive on the rock wall.

Episode 13: Archangel: Classified information gets posted on a blog so the NCIS team has to figure out who the leak is before the encryption code is broken.

Episode 14: Lockup: Sam (played by LL Cool J) has to go undercover at a prison in order to try and get information on a terrorist group responsible for numerous bombings.

Episode 15: Tin Soldiers: An ex-KGB agent helps the NCIS team on their latest case.

Episode 16: Empty Quiver: Callen and Sam have to go undercover in order to nab an illegal military hardware operation that involves military personnel.

Episode 17: Personal: Deeks (played by Eric Christian Olsen) is shot while at a convenience store.

Episode 18: Harms Way: Nate rejoins the team while they are in Yemen on an assignment to capture the leader of a terrorist group and rescue the son of a Prince.

Episode 19: Enemy Within: NCIS has to figure out if a Venezuelan politician is in danger of being assassinated.

Episode 20: The Job: When a secure facility on a Marine base is breached, NCIS has to figure out what the thieves wanted to steal.

Episode 21: Rocket Man: Eric (played by Barrett Foa) goes on his first undercover mission.

Episode 22: Plan B: Deek’s best friend, who is also an informant, starts receiving death threats.

Episode 23: Imposters: A person who is pretending to be Navy SEAL is set on fire and that is somehow related to a stolen radiation therapy canister.

Episode 24: Familia: The NCIS team refuses to accept the story that Hetty sudden up and resigned without a word to them.

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