Ocean Wonderland 3D – Blu-ray Edition

IMAX has been a great technological advance for just this type of nature film.  Unfortunately the same films that are great on the huge IMAX screen are not made to be seen in our living rooms.  No matter that they can be presented in 3D or blu-ray or on the biggest of big screen televisions.  On the more positive hand, it is nice to have the opportunity to watch (at home) a 3D film that isn’t animated.

This has all the underwater life (corals, sting rays, sharks, etc.) that you would expect from a film of this type.  All photographed beautifully in their native waters.  Nicely shot does not equal a good film.  It is quite stagnant and it is short (41 minutes) even for a film like this.

As is most often with 3D some of the scenes benefit from it while others are marred by the added dimension.  Scenes with dolphins and sharks succeed in really showing you how graceful and powerful these creatures are.  Then there is a scene with a yellow snapper that looks like it is dancing that is wonderful in 3D.

While I have a hard time poo pooing something that gives us wonderful images of nature, I just have to if I’m going to be honest.

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