Four episodes of Dora the Explorer that are filled with cute moments and fun music.  Like all Dora episodes this one is interactive as well. Encourages the kid watching to move around instead of just sitting there like lumps watching it.  They are asked to join in and sing, dance and play.  Learning a few words in Spanish is another added benefit. Sit back and watch your young kids enjoy.

Episode 1: Dora’s Ballet Adventure: Dora is really looking forward to performing in her big dance show but there is one thing holding it up as she cannot find her ballet slippers.

Episode 2: The Super Silly Fiesta: Big Red Chicken loses her cake so she needs Dora, Boots and your help to save the Super Silly Fiesta.

Episode 3: Dora, La Müsico: People of the town are having a musical parade or trying to at least. Senor Shush has locked all of their instruments in a music box.  It is up to Dora and Boots to host their own parade.

Episode 4: Surprise: Dora is throwing a surprise birthday party for Boots. In order to make it happen Dora needs your help on a trip past a group of chickens, Swiper and other surprises.