Incubus – If Not Now, When?

Why do we always look at the past?  We are always thrown for a loop when a person or a musical act changes.  It’s like there are stages that we go through.  First is surprise.  Then comes puzzlement.  Then often anger and lashing out at them for daring to try something new.  And then, maybe, just maybe acceptance.  The last stage is what rock foursome Incubus is hoping all their fans arrive at. Earlier in their career Incubus was an outfit known (and loved) for their hard rock sound.  Now with If Not Now, When, their first album in five years, they have softened up quite a bit.  How will their longtime fans react? That is the question.  One, I’m sure, even the band was and is worried about. Not worried about it enough to stop them. The edge has come off for a sound that is more delicate and flexible.  Flexible enough for them to give us a nice range of musical sounds all on one album.  From staccato track like “Switchblade” to the lengthy psychedelic edged “In the Company of Wolves”. Showing more of a refined musicality and a philosophical slant to the lyrics it is an interesting start to a band going through some growth. Though while listening to the album at times I missed the old Incubus bite. I guess, I haven’t quite got to the acceptance stage yet.

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