Bambi II – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

Bambi is one of film’s most loved characters and this is a continuation of the story that generations have watched and loved. Director Brian Pimental’s (first feature film) 2006 version will remind those watching it of the 1942 film in that it is just as beautiful, warm and funny as the original. The film is for parents and kids alike in that the message of the film will appeal to both ages – for that matter, all ages. Parents will love the animation style of the film as it is the same as that used for the original Bambi film and it will allow them to reminisce about those good ole days of hand drawn animation. The animation in this film took 4 years to complete. All the characters from the original are there (Thumper, Flower, etc.). Good soundtrack full of new songs by Martina McBride and Alison Krause.

Bambi (Alexander Gould – Finding Nemo, City of Angels) is reunited with his father, The Great Prince (Patrick Stewart – Chicken Little, X2), who must cope with the new task of raising his son. The Great Prince, who agrees to raise Bambi until someone more suitable is found, sets about teaching Bambi about the ways of the forest. Bambi often feels his is not living up to his father’s high standards. In the beginning both father and son are uncomfortable around one another, but eventually they experience the bonds of family. Soon after, father and son embark on an adventure which demonstrates Bambi’s courage and The Great Prince’s love for his son.

Special Features:
-“The Legacy Continues”
-“Thumper’s Hurry and Scurry” game
-“Bambi Trivia Tracks” fun facts about Bambi II
-Disney sketch pad
-DVD-ROM Disney sketch pad printable
-Friend Owl’s Fun Forest Games Three Interactive Learning Games
-Deleted Song “Sing the Day”

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