Black Lips – Arabia Mountain

It is not surprising that a band whose live shows involve bodily fluids and talk about reproductive organs have routinely seen their music overshadowed by these antics.  Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the band has decided that enough is enough wanting the spotlight put back on the songs. Hiring celebrity producer/DJ Mark Ronson to help them with this album was the first step. Sticking to their version of punk/garage rock the band seems to have come up with a winning formula. Ronson has done what he does best and that is turn his acts towards musicians from the past for inspiration.  The Black Lips seem to agree and on different tracks like “Go Out and Get It” sound like The Rolling Stones or “Raw Meat” like The Ramones.  If you are going to have influences these are some pretty good ones.  They are back from the dead as many of their fans felt like their favourite band was done after album number five and the ensuing stagnation. This collection of tunes shows that we should return the rocking chairs as this band does not seem anywhere near retirement.

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