At first I gave this British television series no chance at all.  I mean, a series about a call girl!  Really? That has never been done before. But almost from the first few moments of the first episode I was hooked.  Hannah Baxter, who goes by the name Belle (played by Billie Piper) when she is working, has a great flat and fantastic wardrobe.  All this is due to her job.  Her job is as a high-class escort.  And she is really good at her job.  So good that it causes her to be in high demand.  This causes friction between her and her best friend Ben (played by Iddo Goldberg), who wants to be more than friends.  It leads to Hannah having to make a tough decision.

Episode 1: Belle has her hands full with a demanding client, an uninvited guest at her home and more responsibilities at work.  Plus she also has the Ben question hanging over her head.

Episode 2: Having taken on the responsibility of being the madam at the agency and trying to be a proper girlfriend to Ben has Belle running ragged.

Episode 3: Belle has a new client named Harry (played by Paul Nicholls) and he tests her ability to keep work and pleasure separate.

Episode 4: After having been offered by a film company to turn her book into a movie, Belle is also trying to help Poppy (played by Lily James) deal with some news.

Episode 5: After a fight with Ben, Belle travels to New York to work on the adaptation of her book to film though ends up being a little disillusioned with the whole process.

Episode 6: Belle arrives home to stumble onto a scene that rocks her to the core.

Episode 7: While on a job that involves vampire role play Belle’s client dies.

Episode 8: Ben asks Belle to give up her job in order to save their relationship.

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