Deleted Scenes – Young People’s Church of the Air

Sophomore album from these five American dudes is an extension of their first.  In 2009 Deleted Scenes, based in Washington, D.C. and Brooklyn, NYC, released their debut album and it was filled with thoughtful lyrics and down tempo music.  Music to listen to while gazing at your navel.  While Young People’s Church of the Air might not make you want to look at the midsection of your body it follows along the same vein.  Using varied sonic influences like 80s pop, surf rock and dark funk, they have recorded an album that fits comfortably in the art rock genre. The instrumentation on the album has become more complex with plenty of development of the rhythm section and the lyrics are more hopeful. Written by Daniel Scheuerman (guitar, vocals), the songs tell tales of family, joy, love, drugs, childhood nostalgia and death and are very much in a poetic style.  The lyrics are definitely inward looking but less conducive to looking at your belly button.  Scheuerman lyrics are personal but the experiences he sings of are universal and easily relatable.

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