Wedding Daze – Blu-ray Edition

Your typical romantic comedy. And there is nothing wrong with that. It is cute, contains fluffy humour, and of course the humour is situational, but it works.  Harmless fun.  Yes, some of it worked while some missed the target, but don’t go getting all critical over Michael Ian Black’s little film that tries.

To say that Anderson’s (Jason Biggs – American Pie, Jersey Girl) first engagement when he proposed to his girlfriend (Audra Blaser – Bandidas, Did You Hear About the Morgans?) in the middle of a restaurant dressed as Cupid only to have her say no because she has fallen for the waiter (Mark Consuelos – from television’s All My Children) and then she dies was a disaster is a grotesque understatement.

Despite his humiliating disaster of a failed proposal and his never really fiancée’s demise, Anderson remains obsessed with her and mourns heavily.  Unable to even get out of his apartment, he just lies around on his couch with filth piling up around him.

When his friend (Michael Weston – Garden State, The Last Kiss) convinces him to get out and they get something to eat at a nearby diner, Anderson is frustrated so blurts out that he is going to propose to the next girl that talks to him.  Just then the waitress, who has just refused her boyfriend’s proposal, comes to the table.  Anderson proposes and to everyone’s surprise including her own and Anderson’s Katie (Isla Fisher – Rango, Wedding Crashers) accepts.  Now what?

Sometimes critics should take a step back and relax.  Not all films have to be subtitled, angst-filled, period pieces to be of any value.  There are different levels of entertainment.  Something can be mindless and predictable and still be worth watching.  Just relax and laugh.

The story is not a new one and it started off a little slow for my liking.  Thankfully it picked up and the humour factor kicked in.  Jokes started working, so I started chuckling.  Never really laughing, but still enjoying myself.

Isla Fisher is perfect for this type of comedy and role.  Her timing is great and she’s cute.  You’re really pulling for her to get the guy.  Jason Biggs is his usual schlumpy, loser self, so you have to look past that.

Jason Biggs and Isla Fisher make a cute couple and have plenty of chemistry. Enough to cover all the flaws.

Special Features:
-Deleted Scenes
-Alternate Opening

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