An entertaining and educational kids’ television show that combines science and dinosaurs is brought to you by PBS Kids and the Jim Henson Company. With over 13 million viewers every month the series is a popular one. Not only fun it teaches young ones about scientific thinking, natural science, paleontology, and natural history. All while traveling on a train.

Episode 1: Dinosaur Big City – Part 1: Buddy and the Pteranodon family and all their Theropod friends decide to take the Dinosaur Train to Laramidia.

Episode 2: Dinosaur Big City – Part 2: Everyone arrives in Dinosaur Big City for the Theropod Convention.

Episode 3: Dinosaur Big City – Part 3: King Cryolophosaurus is more than a little nervous about giving a concert in front of his biggest audience ever.

Episode 4: Dinosaur Big City – Part 4: Buddy and Tiny try to help King Cryolophosaurus overcome his fear of performing.

Episode 5: Troodon Train Day: The Pteranodon Family takes a voyage to Troodon to celebrate Troodon Train Day.

Episode 6: King Cryolophosaurus: Buddy, Tiny, Dom and Mom meet a singing dinosaur named King, who sounds a lot like Elvis Presley.

Episode 7: The Theropod Club: Buddy’s Theropod Club meets to discuss all sorts of dinosaur things. He invites Tiny, who was feeling left out, to join the club.

Episode 8: Laura the Giganotosaurus: Buddy and Tiny meet Laura on the train and learn about her job aboard as the lookout.

Special Features: Interactive Games, Coloring Pages, Dinosaur Reference Guide, Dinosaur Discoveries with Dr. Scott, the Paleontologist