iCarly: The Complete 3rd Season

Imagine being a teenage girl and living with no parental supervision! Isn’t that every teens’ dream? Carly (played by Miranda Cosgrove) lives that life.  She lives with her 29-year-old brother Spencer (played by Jerry Trainor). Instead of going wild, Carly is actually quite responsible.  She produces with her friends Sam (played by Jeannette McCurdy) and Freddie (played by Nathan Kress) an online show called…you guessed it…iCarly. The show is filmed in her apartment and she does it in order to put out there a good role model for other teens. Like I said, a responsible young lady. And you can be sure that your teens will get some good ideas while watching the show.

A warning for those who are iCarly freaks – this is called the Complete Third Season but that is false advertising as it isn’t.  And many of the episodes are from season four.

Episode 1: iGot a Hot Room: Spencer causes a lot of damage in Carly’s room after his birthday gift to her, a gummy bear lamp, catches fire.

Episode 2: iDo: After a fan proposes to his girlfriend on the iCarly show, Carly, Sam and Freddie have to attend the wedding.

Episode 3: iSell Penny Tees: It is not smooth sailing when the iCarly cast hires some kids to sell t-shirts for the show.

Episode 4: iGet Pranky: Spencer becomes addicted to pulling off pranks after Carly gets him to help her prank Sam and Freddie.

Episode 5: iSam’s Mom: Sam is not the best roommate when after a huge fight with her mom (played by Jane Lynch) she stays with Carly.

Episode 6: iPity the Nevel: Nevel (played by Reed Alexander) needs Carly and the gangs’ help to restore his reputation after a video of him yelling at a kid goes viral.

Episode 7: iHire An Idiot: Carly and Sam hire a guy to help them with the webshow based on his cute factor rather than competence.

Episode 8: iStart a Fan War: A fan war erupts over who should end up together – Carly and Freddie or Sam and Freddie.

Episode 9: iOMG: During a “lock-in” at their school Carly, Sam and Freddie try to get their assignments done.

Episode 10: iParty with Victorious: Carly and Tori (played by Victoria Justice) discover they are dating the same guy.

Special Features: Carly’s Hot New Room Tour, Meet Sam’s Mom, Archenemies, Additional Scenes

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