Ladybirds – Shimmy Shimmy Bang!

Ta da! Ladybirds is like a whole new group. Since their last album two new members have joined the band. Anthony Fossaluzza on keyboards and Brett Holsclaw on drums are now members of Ladybirds. Despite two-fifths of the band changing, the sound (and song) remains virtually the same. The songs beg to be played out of the tinny speakers that used to be attached to cars at drive-up diners. Prom night specialties married with modern pop.  The result is some catchy and ear-friendly bubblegum pop of the type we have not heard in a while.  What really elevates the songs from trite to fun is the superior vocal skills of lead singer Sarah Teeple.  Her voice will be stuck in your head because of unique and cute sound – a little a la Betty Boop.  You’ll think of the girl groups of the 50s when listening.  The interesting twist is that they’ve also incorporated other genres like rockabilly, glam rock and even punk rock into their sound.

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