Dexter: The Fifth Season – Blu-ray Edition

Dexter (played by Michael C. Hall), our favourite serial killer, is having a tough time of it.  No, he is not feeling guilt about killing his victims and he shouldn’t as he is just taking out other serial killers.  I think that many would think Dexter is actually doing the city of Miami a favour. What he is feeling guilt over is the death of his wife Rita (played by Julie Benz). Rita was killed by another serial killer (played by John Lithgow) in an effort to keep Dexter off his back.  Dexter has to deal with his grief (yes, he does feel emotion over the loss of Rita) and suddenly being a single father.  All this plus he has to satisfy his urge to kill, which he has dubbed his Dark Passenger.

Episode 1: My Bad: Dexter is dealing with his feelings of guilt over Rita’s death and Quinn (played by Desmond Harrington) has suspicions about how she died.

Episode 2: Hello Bandit: Dexter is trying to cope with suddenly being a single father by getting his family back into some kind of routine.

Episode 3: Practically Perfect: Dexter tries to find a nanny for his infant son while still trying to identify his next victim.

Episode 4: Beauty and the Beast: It is a whole new situation for Dexter when instead of taking a life he finds himself saving one.

Episode 5: First Blood: Dexter wonders if his son has inherited his proclivity to kill.

Episode 6: Everything is Illumenated: Quinn uncovers something about Dexter and Batista (played by David Zayas) does the same in the Santa Muerte case.

Episode 7: Circle Us: Debra (played by Jennifer Carpenter) finds herself part of a violent standoff in the Santa Muerte case.

Episode 8: While at a self-help conference, Dexter and Lumen (played by Julia Stiles) set their sights on a violent killer.

Episode 9: Teenage Wasteland: Dexter and Lumen are surprised to find Astor (played by Christina Robinson) and her friend Olivia (played by Tabitha Morella) have arrived for an unexpected visit.

Episode 10: In the Beginning: Dexter is neck deep in helping Lumen pursue her former captors and torturers.

Episode 11: Hop a Freighter: Quinn finds himself the lead suspect in the murder of Liddy (played by Paul Weller).

Episode 12: The Big One: Dexter panics when he discovers that Lumen is in danger as she has been set up and he knowingly walks right into a trap.

Special Features: BD-Live Portal: Reflecting on Season Five: Julia Stiles, Episodes 1 + 2 of The Borgias and Episodes, Interviews with Michael C. Hall, C.S. Lee, Laurent Velez, Julia Stiles, James Remar, Desmond Harrington, David Zayas, Chip Johannessen, and Jennifer Carpenter

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