The Cutting Edge – Blu-ray Edition

Opposites attract. It’s a story that the romance movie genre has mined over and over again.  So much so that it is a vein that is pretty much dry.  We have seen it so many times that for it to be entertaining it has to be better than average.  The Cutting Edge is not better than average.  Catch me on a bad day and I will harshly say it is not even average.

At the Calgary Olympics in 1988, two star athletes suffer disappointments.  Doug Dorsey (D.B. Sweeney – Miracle at St. Anna, Spawn) is a star player for the United States hockey team.  In a game against West Germany he receives a vicious check that ends his career.  One more hit and he could become blind.  Pairs figure skater Kate Moseley (Moira Kelly – from television’s One Tree Hill) suffers an embarrassing fall.  Both believe their dreams to be over.

Kate comes from a wealthy family and is a spoilt young woman.  Despite her talent her newly hired Russian coach Aton Pamchenko (Roy Dotrice – Amadeus, Hellboy II) finds it difficult to find a partner that will endure her behaviour.  He then uncovers smooth skating former hockey star, Doug.  Though reluctant to give up his dream of playing hockey again he finally realizes that this is probably his only chance of winning Olympic gold for his country.

Learning how to be a figure skater is actually the least of Doug’s worries.  What becomes more difficult is Kate’s diva attitude.  She is snooty, spoiled and uncompromising.  Not exactly the recipe for a trusting and successful partnership.

Fish out of water, spoiled rich girl, a doting father, and a love-hate relationship between opposites.  The Cutting Edge hits all the marks.  So much so that you’ll spend the film alternating between rolling your eyes and suppressing yawns.

Predictability aside, the chemistry between the two leads is good and the skating scenes (choreographed by Robin Cousins) are better than you would expect.  Fans of skating will probably overlook the weak plot and focus on the skating scenes.  The rest of us will just keep rolling our eyes.

Special Features:
-The Cutting Edge: Reflections From the Ice
-Original Theatrical Trailer

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