Honeymoon in Vegas – Blu-ray Edition

Sometimes I don’t understand studios and film companies.  I understand giving a older good film the blu-ray treatment, but why release a 20-year-old film that no one cared about.  Yes, Sarah Jessica Parker and Nicolas Cage have their fans.  I’m fairly certain, however, that even their fans wish to forget this film.

Jack Singer (Nicolas Cage – Kick-Ass, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice) is your typical guy in that he doesn’t want to get married.  But his reason for feeling this way is a little unique.  On her death bed, his mother (Anne Bancroft – The Graduate, Antz) made her only son promise that he would never get married or bad things would happen.  Not really superstitious yet not willing to risk it, Jack had remained single.

That is until his schoolteacher girlfriend Betsy (Sarah Jessica Parker – from television’s Sex and the City) gives him an ultimatum. Marry me or I’m leaving you.  Realizing that he loves her Jack decides on a quickie Vegas wedding for the couple.

Upon their arrival Betsy captures the eye of mob boss, Tommy Korman (James Caan – Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, Get Smart – 2008).  Apparently Betsy is the spitting image of Tommy’s late wife, the love of his life.  A man who is used to getting what he wants in life, Tommy will stop at nothing to make Betsy his.

Hatching a plan, Tommy organizes a poker game involving Jack.  Drawing him in by at first letting him win, Tommy then springs the trap.  Jack ends up in the hole $65,000.  Not having the money Jack believes that he will be killed by the mob boss.  Suddenly Tommy offers him a way out, but it is not something that Betsy is going to like.  Tommy offers to wipe out Jack’s debt in exchange for one weekend with Betsy.

Angry, but realizing there is no other option, Betsy agrees.  Jack is originally okay with the whole thing.  Then believing that Betsy is falling for the suave and wealthy older man, Jack now will do anything to get his fiancée back.

There has been a ton of films that take place in Vegas.  Many are awful.  Maybe it is the kitschy nature of the city.  What ever it is Honeymoon in Vegas is another addition to the bad pile.

Released in 1992 just before a film with a similar plot, Indecent Proposal.  The latter, while not Oscar material, is a much better film than this one.  Both are pretty misogynistic in their treatment of women.  Women are like possessions that are to be traded for. Chattel?  Not really romantic in my books.

Both Nicolas Cage and Sarah Jessica Parker, especially the latter, are likeable in film and do their darndest to carry it despite its overall silliness.

One of the few reasons to watch this film is a brief scene with the wonderful Bruno Mars.  He was only 7-years-old when he appeared in the film as a very young Elvis impersonator who sings one of the King’s songs.

So that the highlight of the film comes late on when there is a scene of skydiving Elvis impersonators.  Not brilliant, but as good as you’re gonna get here.

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