LMFAO – Sorry For Party Rocking

This duo, made up of an uncle (Redfoo or Stefan Kendal Gordy) and a nephew (SkyBlu – Skyler Husten Gordy), is all about the party.  Even their sound has been dubbed party rock. The son (Stefan) and grandson (Skyler) of Motown legend Berry Gordy show that music has carried on through the generations in that family.  But they are less about the music and more about the par-tay. The word is everywhere.  It is in the title of the album and it appears in several songs.  There is no attempt to try and fool people or hide why they make music.  LMFAO (if I have to tell you what this stands for then you are too old for the music) wants desperately to be the band whose music you put on at your next house party. Disco, electro and techno beats are put one on top of the other.  Never thinking anything is too busy, it is the more the merrier when it comes to sounds on their songs. For me, it becomes too much after a few tracks.  I felt over stimulated and seriously needing some Ritalin. It feels a bit like the musical equivalent of spring break.  You love it while you’re there and in the middle of it all, but once you stop for a moment you don’t want to go back. The non-stop assault of mindless and soulless music got to me. Like all good dance/hip hop acts they have several guests on their album and even the guests show you it’s going to be a party.  Busta Rhymes and will.i.am (the man pops up everywhere!) are just a couple. The guest vocalist who popped up on the track called “Champagne Showers” and caught my attention was Natalia Kills.  A young female singer, she has been dubbed the UK’s version of Lady Gaga.

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