SG.U Stargate Universe: The Complete Final Season

The spaceship Destiny continues to voyage through the universe running low on supplies and not really knowing where it is heading.  Most things are out of the crew’s hands. Under these tense circumstances the human crew members do what humans normally do in this situation – they fight.  This plus there are creatures or beings out there that want Destiny and are willing to take it by force.  The crew has to deal with this while trying to get back home.

Episode 1: Intervention, Part 3: The Lucian Alliance invaders are still attacking Destiny and Everett (played by Louis Ferreira) and his crew continue in their fight to save it.

Episode 2: Aftermath: The water and food aboard Destiny is down to a critical level so Rush (played by Robert Carlyle) decides to override the computer and take the ship to a planet that has been locked out of the navigation system.

Episode 3: Awakenings: Destiny finds another ancient ship that seems to be its twin.

Episode 4: Pathogen: Crew members notice that Chloe (played by Elyse Levesque) is acting strangely and Eli (played by David Blue) gets back home to see his mother.

Episode 5: Cloverdale: Scott (played by Brian J. Smith) is infected and begins to have hallucinations about being at home in Cloverdale.

Episode 6: Trial and Error: Young keeps thinking about how on his last visit home his wife told him she wants a divorce.

Episode 7: The Greater Good: Destiny comes in contact with another ship that seems deserted.

Episode 8: Malice: Rush goes after escaped Lucian soldier Simeon (played by Robert Knepper) to get revenge on him while Young and Greer (played by Jamil Walker Smith) try to stop him.

Episode 9: Visitation: After coming out of FTL, a shuttle appears beside Destiny and they hear the voice of Dr. Caine (played by Tygh Runyan), who is supposed to be millions of light years away.

Episode 10: Resurgence: Rush is interested in investigating an energy source that Destiny has picked up in the distance.

Episode 11: Deliverance: Many doubt it when Chloe sends out a signal she says will help.

Episode 12: Twin Destinies: After a battle the crew is worried about the fragile state of Destiny.

Episode 13: Alliances: Sgt. Michaels (played by Donovan Cerminara) comes aboard Destiny to determine whether more money should be put into the program.

Episode 14: Hope: Ginn (played by Julie McNiven) comes aboard Destiny in Chloe’s body.

Episode 15: Seizure: Rush takes some time off to spend it with Ginn.

Episode 16: The Hunt: Two Destiny crew members are captured by a creature while exploring an alien planet.

Episode 17: Cannon Descent: Destiny is under attack and is heavily damaged, so they have to drop out of FTL and onto a planet.

Episode 18: Epilogue: The crew members of Destiny try to help the inhabitants of a planet who are threatened by seismic activity.

Episode 19: Blockade: Not able to get to another power source, the crew places itself in peril to get ship to a superhot star.

Episode 20: Gauntlet: Drones seem to be waiting for Destiny at every gate until the end of the galaxy.

Special Features: Robert Carlyle Directs, Andy Mikita Directs, Eli’s Mom Comes on Board, Brian J. Smith’s First Fight, Crashing a Shuttle, The Seed Ship with Joe Mallozzi, Saying Goodbye to Sgt. Riley, Lou Diamond Phillips on Guest Stars, Lt. Scott Gets Hit By a Car, Inside Cloverdale with Brad Wright, How to Get Sucked Into Space, SG-U Welcomes You to New Mexico’s Bisti Badlands, Deconstructing Destiny, A Day in the Life of Jamil Walker Smith, Transplant Day, Sitting Down with Mike Dopod, Bringing the Bridge to Life, Louis Ferreira vs. Colonel Young, Pitches: A Journey of Friendship and Discovery, Behind the Season 2 Finale – Gauntlet

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