Hawaii Five-O: The First Season – Blu-ray Edition

This classic 70s television series has been redone 2011 style. Since the series Lost is no more I guess they figured they had to have at least one series taking place in Hawaii.  Who wouldn’t want to work there, right? Beside the gorgeous scenery you also get plenty of human eye candy to look at. The freshman season could not have been all that bad as it won the 2011 People’s Choice Award for Favorite New TV Drama.

Crime drama involving a new elite task force assigned the task of getting rid of any crime that happens on the islands.  Decorated Naval officer Steve McGarrett (played by Alex O’Laughlin) is now a civilian who is working as a detective and he is in the head of the division.

Episode 1: Pilot: Governor Jameson (played by Jean Smart) asks Steve to head up a new elite police force.

Episode 2: Ohana: McGarrett and his team are asked to find a kidnapped cyber terrorism expert.

Episode 3: Malama Ka Aina: At a local high school football game a gang war breaks out.

Episode 4: Lanakila: The team has to determine why a dangerous criminal broke out of prison to have any hope of finding him.

Episode 5: Nalowale: Steve and his team have to find the missing sister of a young girl whose body washed up on shore.

Episode 6: Ko’olauloa: The CEO of a successful surf company is murdered.

Episode 7: Ho’apono: During a hostage situation McGarrett has to use his Navy Seal skills to diffuse the situation.

Episode 8: Mana’o: Danny’s (played by Scott Caan) ex-partner is found murdered and dirty cops and a drug cartel are involved.

Episode 9: Po’ipu: While investigating the murder of his security force, Hawaii Five-O must also protect a visiting dictator.

Episode 10: Heihei: Danny has to turn to his ex-wife for help during the investigation of a case involving the murder of the guards of an armored car in which the money is not taken.

Episode 11: Palekaiko: Dr. Bergman (played by Masi Oka) links several unsolved murders to the kidnapping of a woman who is now suffering from amnesia.

Episode 12: Hana’a’a Makehewa: Chin (played by Daniel Dae Kim) is taken hostage and has a bomb strapped to him.

Episode 13: Ke Kinohi: The murder of Steve’s mom seems to involve the Japanese mafia.

Episode 14: He Kane Hewa’ole: A police chase leads to a death and a shocking discovery.

Episode 15: Kai e’e: A major tsunami is about to hit the islands and the head of the Tsunami Warning Center is missing.

Episode 16: E Malama: Hawaii Five-O has to locate the witness in a high profile murder case and keep her safe.

Episode 17: Powa Mana Moana: The team is called in when pirates hold for ransom an entire cruise ship of spring breakers.

Episode 18: Loa Aloha: Steve and his team have to uncover why the daughter of a judge was murdered.

Episode 19: Ne Me’e Laua Na Paio: A CIA agent who is after the Japanese mafia member who killed Steve’s parents arrives in town.

Episode 20: Ma Ke Kahakai: Kono (played by Grace Park) discovers why Chin is no longer with the police force.

Episode 21: Ho’opai: Hawaii Five-O has to step in when a New York cop tries to get revenge on a Hawaiian crime boss.

Episode 22: Ho’ohuli Na’au: A well known photographer has been found murdered and Danny is thrilled to ask questions of the swimsuit models he was working with.

Episode 23: Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau: Danny’s life is in danger when he is exposed to a lethal chemical while trying to capture Wo-Fat.

Episode 24: Oia’i’o: Close to being captured Wo-Fat (played by Mark Dacascos) exacts some revenge against Hawaii Five-O.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Picture Perfect: The Making of the Pilot, Legacy, Shore Lines: The Story of Season 1, Aloha Action!, Grace Park’s Hawaiian Tour, Gag Reel, CBS On-Air Promos, Re-scoring the Theme Song, Inside the Box, Inside Comic-Con

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