90210: The Third Season

It is the senior year for the kids at West Beverly High.  Senior year brings more crushes, school pressures, friendships, prom worries, final exams, mental illness, drug addiction, and blackmail.  Pop some popcorn, sit back and have oodles of fun with your young friends from the world’s most dramatic zip code.

Episode 1: Senior Year, Baby: An earthquake rocks the city and the students at West Beverly High.

Episode 2: Age of Inheritance: Naomi (played by AnnaLynne McCord) throws a huge party when she finally gains access to her inheritance.

Episode 3: 2021 Vision: Teddy (played by Trevor Donovan) wakes up from a heavy night of drinking and realizes that he did not spend the night alone.

Episode 4: The Bachelors: Annie (played by Shenae Grimes) decides to do what she has to when she realizes the extent of her mother’s (played by Lori Laughlin) money problems.

Episode 5: Catch Me if You Cannon: A very pregnant Jen (played by Sara Foster) needs to hire a new assistant and Debbie is desperate for a job.

Episode 6: How Much is That Liam in the Window?: Adrianna (played by Jessica Lowndes) has to do what her new manager (played by Nestor Serrano) says or he will reveal her secret.

Episode 7: I See London, I See France…: Navid (played by Michael Steger) and Silver (played by Jessica Stroup) attend The Achievement Awards dinner.

Episode 8: Mother Dearest: Navid asks Silver to go undercover in order to find out if his father (played by Shaun Duke) is using underage girls in his porn films.

Episode 9: They’re Playing Her Song: Teddy is stranded at a gay bar without his wallet.

Episode 10: Best Lei’d Plans: Debbie tries online dating while Ivy (played by Gillian Zinser) tries to get to know her father.

Episode 11: Holiday Madness: Dixon (played by Tristan Wilds) sees Teddy and Ian (played by Kyle Riabko) kiss.

Episode 12: Liars: Adrianna has the rug pulled out from under her by a surprise guest on a talk show.

Episode 13: It’s Getting Hot in Here: The girls take a yoga retreat and it turns into a less than peaceful time.

Episode 14: All About a Boy: Naomi figures out that Guru Sona (played by Claudia Black) is not what she appears to be.

Episode 15: Revenge With the Nerd: Navid and Dixon get a producer to agree to shoot a video at Shirazi Studio.

Episode 16: It’s High time: Emily (played by Abbie Cobb) continues sabotaging Annie life while everyone continues believing she is innocent.

Episode 17: Blue Naomi: Ivy finds out some shocking news about Raj (played by Manish Dayal).

Episode 18: The Enchanted Donkey: The gang goes to Mexico for some sun and relaxation.

Episode 19: Nerdy Little Secrets: Ivy tries to get over her fear of getting in the water and surfing again.

Episode 20: The Prom Before the Storm: The seniors at West Beverly get ready for prom.

Episode 21: Women on the Verge: It is finally graduation day and Naomi finds herself making a decision that could stop her from going to college.

Special Features: Behind the Scenes with Michael Steger and Matt Lanter, Kime Buzzelli, Artist, A 90210 Wedding, A Season in Review: Senior Year, Deleted Scenes

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