Bond of Silence

Movie of the week.  Hmmmm…I would have been able to guess that without it being written on the DVDs box.  This Kim Raver (from television’s Grey’s Anatomy) star vehicle is a vehicle that doesn’t even get out of the garage.  Billed as a Lifetime “murder mystery”, the only mystery is why it was made.  I mean, I know why it was made.  It is a compelling story that could have been interesting if it was done well.  Unfortunately for Miss Raver and those of us who have to sit through it.

Katy (Kim Raver) and her husband Bob (David Cubitt – Ali, Alive) are hosting a New Year’s Eve dinner and party for their friends.  With the kids safely in bed the couples get down to their celebration.

Across the street a teen party starts getting out of control.  A good neighbour, Bob is upset when it gets noisy enough to wake his young twins.  He goes across the street with the intention of shutting the party down.

While he is there doing that a confrontation occurs and in the blink of an eye Bob is dead.  At first the belief is that he suffered a heart attack then it becomes clear that he was attacked and died from his injuries.

The media jumps all over the story of a loving father, successful lawyer and triathlete being killed.  Katy wants answers, but no teen who was at the party is willing to come forward.  Not willing to back down Katy will do anything she needs to uncover the truth.

A true story.  Everyone loves a true story.  Especially one about a victim who does not give up until they get to the truth.  And I feel awful about panning the film, but hey, a bad film is a bad film.  The story is heroic.  The forgiveness involved is inspiring.  Unfortunately the production values, acting (even Kim Raver’s at times), dialogue, and direction fails the story.

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