Grateful Dead – Europe 72 Vol 2

Many of us have done the backpacking through Europe trip.  Grateful Dead did their own version of this in 1972.  The tour across Europe was historic for many reasons. It was made up of 22 shows and the songs on this album were recorded at different points along the road. We get to hear parts of shows that happened in London, Copenhagen, Paris, and Frankfurt. Thankfully they were recorded so that their fans could continue to enjoy them even today, thirty-nine years later. When the first volume released it was a huge seller and should be once again. Grateful Dead archivist David Lemieux has compiled this second go around at that tour. The double album is filled with 20 tracks and they are all ones that were not on Volume 1.  Two and half more hours of the Dead live. In other words, this is a companion album. It gives us a more complete picture of the tour and how the band sounded. Just because songs are on this one and weren’t on the first does not mean that they are inferior. There just wasn’t enough room. Well, make sure there is room made in your collection for this jewel.

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