An ensemble cast is featured in this CBS police drama. Follows several generations of a New York City family deeply dedicated to law enforcement. Ranked in many magazines and year end lists as one of the top new dramas on television.

Frank Reagan (played by Tom Selleck) is the New York Police Commissioner as was his father, Henry (played by Len Cariou). His eldest son Danny (played by Donnie Wahlberg) is a family man, Iraqi War veteran, and a detective.  Daughter Erin (played by Bridget Moynahan) is a New York Assistant District Attourney and a single mother.  The youngest Reagan is Jamie (played by Will Estes), who has just graduated from Harvard Law and is now a rookie cop.

Episode 1: Pilot: Jamie has just graduated from Harvard and is now joining the NYPD.

Episode 2: Samaritan: A citizen who is taking the law into their own hands has the Reagans divided over vigilantism.

Episode 3: Privilege: A suspect who raped a woman is being protected by diplomatic immunity.

Episode 4: Officer Down: A police officer is killed during a diamond robbery and the entire NYPD is trying to hunt down the murderer.

Episode 5: What You See: A bomb is going to blow up in Manhattan while the NYPD hunt for its location.

Episode 6: Smack Attack: Danny has to locate the source when three teenagers die of drug overdoses.

Episode 7: Brothers: Erin uses the innocent brother of a gang leader in order to take him down.

Episode 8: Chinatown: While pursuing a suspect he witnessed commit a crime, Jamie’s suspect is killed.  Danny has to solve the case before it becomes an Internal Affairs investigation.

Episode 9: Re-Do: The Reagan family is in danger when three criminals are released from prison.

Episode 10: After Hours: Frank finds out his ex-partner is covering up crimes.

Episode 11: Little Fish: Danny and Jackie (played by Jennifer Esposito) investigate the death of a high end escort.

Episode 12: Family Ties: Erin is given a high profile corruption case to try.

Episode 13: Hall of Mirrors: An undercover counter-terrorism agent is killed and Frank assigns Danny the case.

Episode 14: My Funny Valentine: Erin and Charles (played by Bobby Cannavale) take their relationship to the next level.

Episode 15: Dedication: Someone shoots at Frank. Were they trying to assassinate the Commissioner or was it random?  Danny investigates.

Episode 16: Age of Innocence: Nicky (played by Sami Gayle) rides along with Danny on a case and sees her first murder victim.

Episode 17: Silver Star: Someone has leaked to the press the false information that Frank is going to run for mayor.

Episode 18: To Tell the Truth: Linda (played by Amy Carlson) is kidnapped just before Danny is to give testimony at the trial of a Peruvian drug lord.

Episode 19: Model Behavior: Linda’s niece, who is a runway model, and a reporter are poisoned at a fashion show.

Episode 20: All That Glitters: The media plays up the story of a tourist who is killed outside a trendy Lower East Side restaurant.

Episode 21: Cellar Boy: The Reagan’s next door neighbours are murdered and their son is the prime suspect.

Episode 22: The Blue Templar: While attempting to expose The Blue Templar, Frank doesn’t go to Internal Affairs when a drug bust indicates the involvement of dirty cops.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Network Launch Promos, Creating the Characters, Code Blue, Keeping it Real, Analyzing the Scene, Empire State of Mind, Keeping It in the Family, Gag Reel