Filmed on location in Hawaii.  Of course I would assume that a series with Hawaii in the title would be.  No other place could adequately stand in for a place so breathtakingly beautiful.  The series is of the cop/elite division variety and the whole thing centers around team leader Steve McGarrett (played by Jack Lord) and his team.  Though there are criminals, gun fights and fisticuffs there is still plenty of nice things to look at like sun, surf, beautiful scenery, girls in bikinis.

Episode 1: The Sleeper: McGarrett has to flush out a traitor at a scientific facility after a murder is committed.

Episode 2: Horoscope for Murder: An astrologer gives McGarrett a tip about a murderer with a terrible temper.

Episode 3: Deadly Courier: An undercover Danno (played by James MacArthur) is brainwashed into assassinating McGarrett.

Episode 4: The Case Against Philip Christie: McGarrett is the only one who doubts an accused’s guilt.

Episode 5: Small Potatoes: A gambling syndicate frames McGarrett and he gets involved with a woman who has links to the case.

Episode 6: A Distant Thunder: The Hawaiian Kennedy, Bobby Tamara (played by Haku Kahoana), is being threatened by a Neo-Nazi group and it is up to Hawaii Five-O to protect him.

Episode 7: Death Mask: McGarrett believes there is more to a case of what seems to be a simple robbery than appears.

Episode 8: The Pagoda Factor: McGarrett needs inside information from a convict and in order to get it he helps him escape from prison.

Episode 9: A Long Time Ago: Danno accidentally bumps into a former girlfriend who seems mixed up with illegal activities.

Episode 10: Why Won’t Linda Die?: A love triangle is exposed when a prominent politician is killed.

Episode 11: The Miracle Man: A preacher is attacked by the husband of a deceased woman who blames him for her death.

Episode 12: Number One with a Bullet, Part 1: The disco club scene is being fought over by two rival gangs.

Episode 13: Number One with a Bullet, Part 2: Hawaii Five-O has to try and stop the two rival gangs from breaking out into an all-out war.

Episode 14: The Meighan Conspiracy: An inside job is suspected when the robbery of a bank vault shows no signs of forced entry.

Episode 15: The Spirit is Willie: Millicent Shand (played by Mildred Natwick) is back and she claims that her niece’s husband has faked his own death in order to get $500,000.

Episode 16: The Bark and the Bite: The fact that McGarrett has warned her that someone is looking to steal her ruby doesn’t seem to concern an heiress on vacation.

Episode 17: Stringer: A politician is photographed making a deal with a known criminal and a blackmailing seems in the works.

Episode 18: The Execution File: On the good hand a private detective is rescuing girls from prostitution while on the bad he is also killing the pimps.

Episode 19: A Very Personal Matter: One of McGarrett’s friend’s son dies of an overdose and it seems like it was at the hands of a doctor who is overprescribing medication.

Episode 20: The Skyline Killer: A journalist offering money makes the investigation of a case a lot more difficult for McGarrett and the team.

Episode 21: The Year of the Horse, Part One: The Governor is implicated when a woman transporting heroin inside her body dies when it explodes.

Episode 22: The Year of the Horse, Part Two: Hawaii Five-O has to capture a heroin smuggling operation in order to clear the Governor.