Stargate Atlantis: The Complete Series – Blu-ray Edition

stargate atlantis the complete seriesStargate Atlantis is the successor to SG-1, Stargate.  The series followed the arc of the Ancients (the superior race) having abandoned Earth millions of years ago.  Though they took one thing with them – Atlantis.  In order to keep it away from the evil Wraith, they then sunk the entire city.  Now a new team has gained access to the city.  Upon arrival they realize that Atlantis has lost the power it needs to maintain its protective shield.  As a result Atlantis has risen to the surface.  And now the team is thrust into a series of adventures.

Season One:

Episode 1: Rising, Part 1: A new Stargate team voyages to the Pegasus galaxy.

Episode 2: Rising, Part 2: Colonel Sumner (played by Robert Patrick) faces the Wraith.

Episode 3: Hide and Seek: An alien invader has gotten into the city and is a security threat for all.

Episode 4: Thirty-Eight Minutes: The Puddle Jumper has suffered some damaged and is stranded in between gates.

Episode 5: Suspicion: The Earth team suspects that they have a traitor amongst them after an attack by the Wraith.

Episode 6: Childhood’s End: The team crash lands on a planet that sacrifices 25-year-olds.

Episode 7: Poisoning the Well: The team looks into the rumour that another planet is developing a drug that stops the Wraiths’ feeding on humans.

Episode 8: Underground: The team encounters what seems to be a simple farming people but they are actually developing a weapon to destroy the Wraith.

Episode 9: Home: The team plans to use a planet’s fog in order to get back to the gate back to Earth.

Episode 10: The Storm, Part 1: The residents of the city are forced to evacuate when a hurricane heads their way.

Episode 11: The Eye, Part 2: Sheppard (played by Joe Flanigan) is attempting to rescue Weir (played by Torri Higginson) and McKay (played by David Hewlitt) and retake control of the city.

Episode 12: The Defiant Ones: The team looks into a downed Wraith ship.

Episode 13: Hot Zone: The entire city is on lockdown when a few come down with a deadly virus.

Episode 14: Sanctuary: The team meets a pre-technological society that has not come in contact with the Wraith.

Episode 15: Before I Sleep: The team is surprised to learn that an older woman in suspended animation is actually Dr. Weir.

Episode 16: The Brotherhood: The Brotherhood on the planet Dagan indicate that the inhabitants might not be as they seem.

Episode 17: Letters From Pegasus: The Atlantis team, due to a brief ability to send data transmission to Earth, sends messages home to their loved ones.

Episode 18: The Gift: Teyla (played by Rachel Luttrell) is suffering from terrible nightmares.

Episode 19: The Siege, Part 1: A group of Wriath ships are on their way to Atlantis.

Episode 20: The Siege, Part 2: A new military unit is sent through the Stargate from Earth to take over the running of Atlantis.

Season Two:

Episode 1: The Siege, Part 3: McKay and his team have to get the new ZPM installed in order to protect Atlantis from the oncoming Wraith fleet.

Episode 2: The Intruder: Daedalus, the new Starfleet ship, is infected with a Wraith computer virus.

Episode 3: Runner: Sheppard and the team try to locate Lieutenant Ford (played by Rainbow Sun Francks).

Episode 4: Duet: Lieutenant Laura Cadman’s (played by Jaime Ray Newman) mind ends up sharing McKay’s body.

Episode 5: Condemned: Sheppard’s Jumper crashes on a planet untouched by the Wraith because they send their criminals off to them as sacrifices.

Episode 6: Trinity: Ronon Dex discovers that there were a small number of survivors from the Wraith attack on his planet.

Episode 7: Instinct: While on a mission Sheppard and his team discover a lone Wraith whose dart has crashed has been terrorizing a planet for ten years.

Episode 8: Conversion: Sheppard has been infected by a retrovirus and his body begins changing into something like an insect.

Episode 9: Aurora: The team finds a spaceship complete with Ancients aboard adrift called the  Aurora.

Episode 10: The Lost Boys, Part 1: The team is captured by a rogue group led by Lieutenant Ford.

Episode 11:  The Lost Boys, Part 2: Ford wants to destroy a Wraith ship which Ronon (played by Jason Momoa), Teyla and Sheppard are being held on.

Episode 12: Epiphany: Sheppard investigates an Ancient device which ends up accelerating time and aging him prematurely.

Episode 13: Critical Mass: The Trust has placed a bomb in Atlantis that is scheduled to go off shortly.

Episode 14: Grace Under Pressure: Samantha Carter (played by Amanda Tapping) is the only one who can save Dr. McKay when her Puddle Jumper crashes and is sinking.

Episode 15: The Tower: While exploring a planet the team finds an exact replica of Atlantis.

Episode 16: The Long Goodbye: Weir and Sheppard are used as pawns when the Aliens are looking to settle a score.

Episode 17: Coup D’Etat: The Atlantis team realizes that their truce with the Genii might be coming to an end.

Episode 18: Michael: Lieutenant Kenmore is suffering from amnesia and begins to think that the team is lying to him.

Episode 19: Inferno: The team is trapped on a planet with a super volcano and no means of escape.

Episode 20: Allies, Part 1: Atlantis joins forces with a Wraith division led by Michael, a Wraith they have tried to turn into a human.

Season Three:

Episode 1: No Man’s Land, Part 2: Two Wraith ships have captured McKay and Ronon and are on their way to Earth.

Episode 2: Misbegotten, Part 3: The Atlantis team has turned a Wraith hive ship crew into humans and now has to decide what to do with them.

Episode 3: Irresistible: The Atlantis team is strangely affected by a man from another world.

Episode 4: Sateda: On a forested world, Ronon, who has been there before, Teyla and Sheppard come under attack.

Episode 5: Progeny: Dr. Weir goes with Sheppard’s team on a mission to an advanced civilization.

Episode 6: The Read World: Dr. Weir awakens in Washington D.C. and is told that Atlantis and the Stargate program are only in her mind.

Episode 7: Common Ground: Dr. Weir tries to negotiate the release of Sheppard, who has been captured by Kolya of the Genii and in a cell next to a Wraith.

Episode 8: McKay and Mrs. Miller: While McKay is away another Rodney McKay from a parallel universe arrives in Atlantis.

Episode 9: Phantoms: The entire team might be trying to kill one another as they are under the influence of a Wraith mind-altering device.

Episode 10: The Return, Part 1: McKay and the team are testing a series of gates that will allow people to travel from Earth to Atlantis in 30 minutes.

Episode 11: The Return, Part 2: Major O’Neill’s (played by Richard Dean Anderson) attempt to defend Atlantis fails and he and Woolsey (played by Robert Picardo) are taken prisoner.

Episode 12: Echoes: The residents of Atlantis begin to fall ill after the whales of Lantea assemble around the city.

Episode 13: Irresponsible: While on a mission Sheppard’s team meet up with two old friends.

Episode 14: Tao of Rodney: McKay is shutting down useless systems in Atlantis when he is zapped by an odd Ancient machine.

Episode 15: The Game: To pass some time Sheppard and McKay have been playing what they thought was a virtual reality game.  They discover that it is not just a game.

Episode 16: The Ark: The team rescues the last members of a civilization who have been in suspended animation on a space station.

Episode 17: Sunday: While trying to relax on a mandated day off, the team jumps back into action when the city and the Expedition suffer massive explosions.

Episode 18: Submersion: Beneath the Lantae Ocean is where the team decides to look for alternative power sources.

Episode 19: Vengeance: The team discovers that Michael has been doing experiments on the Taranian Settlement.

Episode 20: First Strike, Part 1: Colonel Abe Ellis (played by Michael Beach) arrives in Atlantis with a new Earth ship.

Season Four:
Episode 1: Adrift, Part 2: Atlantis seems in peril with only 24 hours of power left and no option of using a Stargate.

Episode 2: Lifeline, Part 3: Carter and Apollo search for the lost city of Atlantis.

Episode 3: Reunion: Ronon is reunited with some Satedans and they ask him to leave Atlantis and rejoin them.

Episode 4: Doppelganger: After finding a crystal entity the crew starts having bad dreams about Sheppard.

Episode 5: Travelers: A race captures Sheppard as they want to use his Ancient genes.

Episode 6: Tabula Rasa: An infection causes key members of Atlantis to lose their memories.

Episode 7: Missing: Teyla and Dr. Keller (played by Jewel Staite) visit New Athos and Teyla discovers something shocking.

Episode 8: The Seer: A prophetic man gives the team a dire prediction about Atlantis.

Episode 9: Miller’s Crossing: McKay and his sister Jeanie Miller (played by Kate Hewlett) are kidnapped on Earth.

Episode 10: This Mortal Coil, Part 1: The team believes that the Replicators have found them when a probe crashes into Atlantis.

Episode 11: Be All My Sins Remembered, Part 2: The team tries to come up with a way to get rid of the Replicators once and for all.

Episode 12: Spoils of War, Part 3: The team learns about the Wraith through a Wraith Hive Ship they captured after a battle with the Replicators.

Episode 13: Quarantine: Everyone is put in a room with another person when Atlantis is put under quarantine.

Episode 14: Harmony: Sheppard and McKay are escorting a princess on her voyage to becoming a queen and run into an old enemy.

Episode 15: Outcast: After the death of his father Sheppard returns to Earth.

Episode 16: Trio: Colonel Carter teams up with McKay and Keller to convince the people of a world to leave as their world is being threatened by earthquakes.

Episode 17: Midway: The Midway Space Station is fully functional but the Wraith have found it.

Episode 18: The Kindred, Part 1: A disease is spreading through the Pegasus Galaxy.

Episode 19: The Kindred, Part 2: Teyla hatches an escape plan from Michael’s secret facility.

Episode 20: The Last Man, Part 1: Sheppard returns to Atlantis to find it abandoned and surrounded by sand dunes.

Season Five:
Episode 1: Search and Rescue, Part 2: Colonel Carter leads a rescue team to save several Atlantis team members.

Episode 2: The Seed: Dr. Keller removes Beckett (played by Paul McGillion) from stasis but he has a virus that begins to spread.

Episode 3: Broken Ties: A former friend of Ronon‘s, Tyre (played by Mark Dacascos), captures him.

Episode 4: The Daedalus Variations: Sheppard’s team finds Daedalus helpless and abandoned.

Episode 5: Ghost in the Machine: The team returns to Atlantis on a Jumper that has a computer virus and it infects the city’s systems.

Episode 6: The Shrine: McKay begins to lose his memory after contracting the Pegasus version of Alzheimers.

Episode 7: Whispers: On a planet containing one of Michael’s research facilities Sheppard and Beckett battle a creature.

Episode 8: The Queen: Todd the Wraith (played by Christopher Heyerdahl) is accompanied by the team with the goal of negotiating peace with another Wraith Hive.

Episode 9: Tracker: A Runner abducts Keller leaving Ronon and McKay to rescue her.

Episode 10: First Contact, Part 1: Daniel Jackson (played by Michael Shanks) comes to Atlantis to do some research on the Ancient scientist Janus.

Episode 11: The Lost Tribe, Part 2: Sheppard has to rescue McKay and Daniel Jackson from an Ancient lab of Janus’s before Todd reaches it.

Episode 12: Outsiders: The team has to convince a small group of survivors of Michael’s drug to leave before the Wraith find them.

Episode 13: Inquisition: It is up to Woolsey to clear Sheppard and his team when they are accused of crimes against the people of the galaxy by the Coalition of human worlds.

Episode 14: The Prodigal: Michael attempts to kidnap Teyla’s young son.

Episode 15: Remnants: Sheppard is captured by an enemy previously thought to be dead.

Episode 16: Brain Storm: McKay returns to Earth to see with his own eyes his rival’s latest breakthrough.

Episode 17: Infection: A Wraith Hive Ship hovers above Atlantis and sends a distress signal.

Episode 18: Identity: A thief switches her consciousness with Dr. Keller using an Ancient transfer device.

Episode 19: Vegas: Detective John Sheppard heads an investigation into a series of strange murders that happened in Las Vegas.

Episode 20: Enemy at the Gate: The team gets a message that a souped up Wraith ship is headed towards Earth.

Special Features:  Stargate Atlantis Set Tour with Directors Martin Wood and Peter Deluise, Wraithal Discrimination: It’s Not Easy Being Green, Diary of Rainbow Sun Francks, Mission Directive:  The Storm/The Eye, Mission Directive: Sanctuary, Mission Directive: Before I Sleep, Mission Directive: The Siege, A Look Back At Season One with Writer Martin Gero, Mission Directive: The Siege: Part 3, Mission Directive: The Intruder, Mission Directive: Instinct, Introduction to a Character: Ronon Dex, Profile On: David Hewlett, Stargate Atlantis: Stunts, Road to a Dream with Martin Gero, Profile On: Paul McGillion, Mission Directive: Sateda, Mission Directive: Progeny, Inside the Stargate: Atlantis Visuals FX Department, Profile On: Rachel Luttrell, Mission Directive: Phantoms, General O’Neill Goes to Atlantis, Mission Directive: The Game, Masters of the Alien, Mission Directive: First Strike, Mission Directive: Doppelganger, A New Leader: Amanda Tapping Joins Atlantis, Stargate Atlantis Bloopers, Mission Directive: The Mortal Coil, The Making of Trio, A Look Back at Season 4, Deleted Scenes, Mission Directive: Search and Rescue, Showdown! Ronon vs. Tyre, Bringing The Seed to Life, Mission Directive: Whispers, Mission Directive: Tracker, Tricks of the Trade: Submerging the Stargate, Joe Flanigan: A Conversation with the Colonel, Building a Humanoid with James Robbins and Martin Gero, Dr. Jackson Goes to Atlantis, The Life and Death of Michael Kenmore, Mission Directive: Brain Storm, Stargate Atlantis Goes to Vegas

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