Godfrey: Black By Accident

Using facial expressions galore (especially involving his eyes) and a multitude of voices, stand up comedian Godfrey takes the stage at the Gramercy Theatre in New York City and does his best to entertain.  This is an uncensored and extended special with over 30 minutes of previously unseen material.

Comedy is very subjective and as a result hard to review.  One person’s rolling in the aisles is another person’s rolling of the eyes.  Even if you don’t like a comedian’s style you can usually discern whether they have talent or not.  I would chalk up comedian Godfrey to a work in progress.  He is still young and trying to find his rhythm.  The pacing is uneven with the beginning being quite slow with him spending way too long on bits about how cold it is in New York.  The show also contained material or rather subjects which have been mined repetitively previously by more talented comedians.  Godfrey takes his swing them and grounds out.  He brings nothing new to the table.  So I found myself asking “why?”.  As in why would he choose to do things that others have done so well without doing it in a different way?  I have no answer to that question.

That is not to say that he is not funny at all.  There are several laugh out loud moments in the act.  He has some good stuff but it is often sabotaged by his lack of experience.  His transition into jokes is not smooth nor is his pacing.  I presume that will all come as his career progresses.

Another weak point is that he is kind of all over the place with trying all types of comedy. He even at one point was going for the rather crude, crass and sexual type of humour.  Which would have be all right if it was funny but it wasn’t.  Again it was a case of been there, seen that.  This being all over the map is again another indication that he is young, is experimenting and will work out the kinks eventually.

Special Features: An Interview with Godfrey, Onstage Antics with the Make Up Lady

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