Gossip Girl: The Complete Fourth Season

Manhattan’s elite young people have plenty of secrets and schemes going on.  Enough to keep us entertained for 22 episodes. You’ll be shocked and amazed watching Gossip Girl.  Besides the antics of the characters you’ll also watch it for the fashion.  But who is kidding who? The primary reason anyone watches this is enjoy the backstabbing, hook ups, cat fights, and betrayals. Watching this group of people will remind you of the saying about keeping your friends close and your enemies closer.

Episode 1: Belles de Jour: Blair (played by Leighton Meester) sees Chuck Bass (played by Ed Westwick) in Paris with a mystery woman.

Episode 2: Double Identity: Chuck gets used to his new life with a new woman named Eva (played by Clemence Poesy).

Episode 3: The Undergraduate: It’s Blair’s first day at Columbia University.

Episode 4: Touch of Eva: Blair plots to ruin Chuck’s newfound happiness.

Episode 5: Goodbye, Columbia: A Gossip Girl begins a damaging rumour about Serena (played by Blake Lively).

Episode 6: Easy J: Despite being warned not to by Blair, Jenny (played by Taylor Momsen) risks coming back into Manhattan for the chance to meet Tim Gunn.

Episode 7: War at the Roses: Blair is caught off guard by a surprise guest at her birthday party.

Episode 8: Juliet Doesn’t Live Here Anymore: Chuck and Blair agree to call a truce.

Episode 9: The Witches of Bushwick: Chuck hosts a masquerade party that has “Saints and Sinners” as its theme.

Episode 10: Gaslit: Nate (played by Chace Crawford) tries to get his parents to reconcile.

Episode 11: The Townie: Blair and Dan (played by Penn Badgley) get together to try and find a MIA Jenny.

Episode 12: The Kids Are Not Alright: Russell Thorpe (played by Michael Boatman) and his daughter Raina (played by Tika Sumpter) return to Manhattan.

Episode 13: Damien Darko: Dan and Blair are in competition when they both get an internship at W magazine.

Episode 14: Panic Roommate: Damien causes more trouble.

Episode 15: It-Girl Happened One Night: Chuck makes a last attempt at saving Bass Industries.

Episode 16: While You Weren’t Sleeping: Serena is forced to make the choice between her family and Ben (played by David Call).

Episode 17: Empire of the Son: Trouble crops up between Serena and Ben when his mother (played by Marsha Dietlein Bennett) comes to town.

Episode 18: The Kids Stay in the Picture: Lily’s (played by Kelly Rutherford) family pitches in for a photo shoot on modern royalty.

Episode 19: Petty in Pink: Raina decides to go looking for her mother.

Episode 20: The Princesses and the Frog: Nate doesn’t know what to do about his loyalty to Chuck when it comes to Raina.

Episode 21: Shattered Bass: Blair doesn’t know what choice to make concerning the men in her life.

Episode 22: The Wrong Goodbye: Georgina Sparks (played by Michelle Trachtenberg) is back.

Special Features: Bisoux a Paris!: Go Abroad on a Spree in Paris with the Cast and Creative Teams,
Exposing Gossip Girl: The Making of Episode 18: The Complete Lowdown on the Creative Processes Behind The Kids Stay in the Picture, Gag Reel, Unaired Scenes

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