The Backyardigans: Quest for the Extra Ordinary Aliens @ St. Denis Theatre – 10/09/11

Colourful and cute.  Those are two words that you can use to describe preschool kids’ favourites, The Backyardigans.  This Thanksgiving Day young people got a chance to see the five Backyardigans live at St. Denis Theatre.

Costumes and sets were very cute and kid friendly. Three large video screens were used as backdrops and they changed or adapted to suit the story.  Props like snowboards, large drums, magnifying glasses, and giant oatmeal cookies were all simple and fun.  The sound was very clear making it easy to hear the words and sing along.  The show was geared towards kids, but the adults who tagged along also enjoy themselves due to the fun story and catchy music.  Show was engaging even for adults.

The show featured almost continuous music with different Backyardigans getting their moment to sing a song and dance around solo.  The story, of an extra ordinary space alien named Marsha searching for The Backyardigans in order to get their help to help her find her pet, Boinga Boinga, was easy enough to follow.  The search for The Backyardigans, who were looking for space aliens, and Boinga Boinga (a mischievous orange monkey-like creature) takes the group to Frozen Toes Mountain, Hot Footsy Desert and Lost Pirate Island.

Let’s not kid ourselves this is a show for kids.  And my two nieces, along with all the kids around them, sat transfixed with what was going on onstage.  They clapped and sang along with Tasha (the yellow hippo), Pablo (the blue penguin), Tyrone (the orange moose), Uniqua (the pink polka-dotted creature), and Austin (the purple creature).

Best for kids 3 and over as it might have been a little long for those younger.  But that is not really a criticism, just an observation.  Kids in attendance sat there paying attention and did not squirm at all.  Impressive!  Young people were calling out the names of their favourite Backyardigans as each took the stage.  For just over $30 you definitely got your money’s worth.  Kids will be talking about this show for weeks after.

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