Six years ago a young girl named Nikita (played by Maggie Q) was arrested and put in prison.  Then she was taken out of prison and “convinced” to join a covert unit of the government to become an assassin. Then after being with them three years she was able to escape and have been hunted by the Division ever since.

Now Nikita has dedicated her life to bringing down Division as she knows that the director of the Division Percy (played by Xander Berkeley) has gone rogue himself and is pursuing his own agenda.  Nikita is helped in her pursuit by a young girl that she has planted on the inside of Division.  The two will work hand in hand working to bring Division down mission by mission.

Episode 1: Pilot: A young female thief named Alex (played by Lyndsy Fonseca) is granted a second chance by Division as an agent in training.

Episode 2: 2.0: Michael (played by Shane West) stands in Nikita’s way in her attempt to get a war criminal she vowed to bring down.

Episode 3: Kill Jill: Division murders a reporter’s (played by Julie Gonzalo) editor in an attempt to kill her story about a rigged plane crash.

Episode 4: Rough Trade: Nikita travels to Hong Kong on a slave labour case and finds out some shocking news about her first kill.

Episode 5: The Guardian: Nikita and Alex may have gained an ally – an operative on Percy’s kill list.

Episode 6: Resistance: Recruits taking a bus ride are attacked by gunmen while Owen (played by Devon Sawa) gives Nikita some news about the death of her fiancé.

Episode 7: The Recruit: A recruit infiltrates a eco-terrorist cell without knowing that she is wearing a weapon designed to kill them all.

Episode 8: Phoenix: Nikita tries to foul up Thom’s (played by Ashton Holmes) first mission.

Episode 9: One Way: Nikita and Michael join forces for a kill – the terrorist who killed Michael’s family.

Episode 10: Dark Matter: Jadan (played by Tiffany Hines) spies on Alex and Birkhoff (played by Aaron Stanford) becomes more and more scared of Percy.

Episode 11: All the Way: Alex goes out on her first mission – a wedding where she is a guest who will bring an interesting choice of gift for the bride’s father.

Episode 12: Free: Division gives Alex a cover job, an SUV and an apartment to go along with the kill chip they’ve embedded in the base of her cortex.

Episode 13: Coup de Grace: At a museum gala Nikita saves a Georgian Prince targeted for assassination.

Episode 14: The Next Seduction: In order to help Ryan (played by Noah Bean) sabotage an arms delivery Nikita has to reassume an old Division identity.

Episode 15: Alexandra: Alex’s former pimp has got her and puts her in a cage along with drugging her.

Episode 16: Echoes: Alex is in a drug induced haze and her mind wanders to the past and present.

Episode 17: Covenants: Michael finds out that Alex is the mole but is willing to keep quiet about it if Nikita finds Kasim (played by Haaz Sleiman) within 24 hours.

Episode 18: Into the Dark: Alex is being forced to take a lie-detector test while Nikita, Michael and Owen travel to London in an attempt to locate one of the black boxes.

Episode 19: Girl’s Best Friend: Alex and Jaden are assigned a dangerous mission. Nikita wants to fake Alex’s death in order to get her out of Division.

Episode 20: Glass Houses: A former Guardian has tried to live a normal life but Percy does not want to let her out of Division.

Episode 21: Betrayals: Percy is pulling some strings and what he does challenges all that Nikita, Michael and Alex believe.

Episode 22: Pandora: Percy is forced to act causing Birkhoff, Michael, Alex, and Nikita to react.

Special Features: BD-Live, Deleted Scenes, Division Tracker, Inside Division, Part 1: The New Nikita, Inside Division, Part 2: Executing the Episode, Inside Division, Profiles: Nikita, Inside Division, Profiles: Alex, Inside Division, Profiles: Percy, Inside Division, Profiles: Michael