Desperate Housewives: The Complete Seventh Season

As the announcement has come out that season 8 will be the final one for the ladies of Wisteria Lane, it is the perfect time to sit down at your own leisure with them and watch season 7. Those crazy ladies, Bree (played by Marcia Cross), Gaby (played by Eva Langoria), Susan (played by Teri Hatcher), and Lynette (played by Felicity Huffman), are up to their usual tricks of lies, schemes, cattiness, fun, mothering, family secrets, and weekly poker games.  The stories are all rather outlandish but you watch them anyway because it is so much fun.

Episode 1: Remember Paul?: Paul Young (played by Mark Moses) is out of jail and returns to Wisteria Lane with a new wife.

Episode 2: You Must Meet My Wife: It begins to anger Lynette when Tom (played by Doug Savant) starts spending a lot of time with a newly divorced Renee (played by Vanessa Williams).

Episode 3: Truly Content: Susan is upset when she finds out that someone has been stealing her moves.

Episode 4: The Thing That Counts is What’s Inside: Renee is now trying to pry Keith (played by Brian Austin Green) away from bree.

Episode 5: Let Me Entertain You: Both Renee and Gabrielle spill some secrets.

Episode 6: Excited and Scared: Susan has to tell Mike (played by James Denton) that she has an Internet job on the side.

Episode 7: A Humiliating Business: Lynette gets an offer that she finds tempting.

Episode 8: Sorry Grateful: Bree invites Keith’s parents over for Thanksgiving.

Episode 9: Pleasant Little Kingdom: Renee tells Susan a secret.

Episode 10: Down the Block There’s a Riot: Paul puts his plan for Wisteria Lane is motion.

Episode 11: Assassins: Susan fights for her life after being trampled by rioters.

Episode 12: Where Do I Belong: Susan’s mother (played by Lesley Ann Warren) and aunt (played by Valerie Harper) come for a visit.

Episode 13: I’m Still Here: Lynette tries to dissuade her mother from marrying a man that is loathsome.

Episode 14: Flashback: The Scavos are hesitant about posing for a family portrait for Stella (played by Polly Bergen).

Episode 15: Farewell Letter: Preston (played by Max Carver) and Porter (played by Charles Carver) move out but not far enough away.

Episode 16: Searching: Without a kidney transplant Susan learns that she will die.

Episode 17: Everything’s Different, Nothing’s Changed: Paul gets in the way of Susan receiving a kidney.

Episode 18: Moments in the Woods: Bree tries to stop Andrew (played by Shawn Pyfrom) from confessing to Carlos (played by Ricardo Chivaro) that he killed his mother years ago.

Episode 19: The Lies Ill-Concealed: Susan is shocked about her inappropriate dreams about Paul.

Episode 20: I’ll Swallow Poison on Sunday: Tom hires Lynette and Renee to redecorate his office.

Episode 21: Then I Really Got Scared: Paul believes that Susan is causing his health problems.

Episode 22: And Lots of Security…: A murder happens at a dinner party.

Episode 23: Come On Over For Dinner: Gabrielle learns who her stalker is.

Special Features:  Deleted Scenes, Desperate for Trivia, Growing Up on Wisteria Lane, Bloopers, Outtakes & Gags

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