It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The Complete Season 6

Paddy’s Pub in Philadelphia, the reputed city of brotherly love, has got to have the most inappropriate and immature gang of friends in the world.  And I’m not even exaggerating! Mac (played by Rob McElhenney), Dennis (played by Glenn Howerton), Charlie (played by Charlie Day), Dee (played by Kaitlin Olson), and Frank (played by Danny DeVito) are not concerned about being politically correct or even appearing sane.  Their insanity is out gain.  It may be politically incorrect but it is funny nonetheless.

Episode 1: Mac Fights Gay Marriage:  Mac does his best to protect what he believes is the sanctity of marriage.

Episode 2: Dennis Gets Divorced: The entire gang of friends goes through the experience of Dennis’ divorce.

Episode 3: The Gang Buys a Boat: The gang buys a new boat and tries out adventures on the high seas.

Episode 4: Mac’s Big Break: Frank, Dennis and Dee bring their bar banter to the Internet with their own podcast.

Episode 5: Mac and Charlie: White Trash: The entire gang tries their own unique ways to beat the heat.

Episode 6: Mac’s Mom Burns Her House Down: Dee’s illness forces Frank to acknowledge the importance of a father taking care of his daughter.

Episode 7: Who Got Dee Pregnant: Dee tells the gang that she is pregnant causing the guys to all worry about what really happened at the wild Halloween party.

Episode 8: The Gang Gets a New Member: Dee rethinks her future.

Episode 9: Dee Reynolds: Reshaping America’s Youth: Remembering a drama teacher who really influenced her, Dee takes a job as a substitute teacher.

Episode 10: Charlie Kelly: King of the Rats: Charlie is feeling a little down so the gang decides to throw him a surprise party.

Episode 11: The Gang Gets Stranded in the Woods: The gang is off to Atlantic City for a charity benefit but gets stranded in the woods.

Episode 12: Dee Gives Birth: The guys throw a party and invite all Dee’s former flings in order to try and figure out who the father of her baby is.

Special Features:  Dennis and Dee’s Podcasts, Blooper Reel, Deleted and Extended Scenes, Legal Advice with Jack Kelly, Audio Commentary on Charlie Kelly: King of Rats, Audio Commentary on The Gang Gets Stranded in the Woods, Bonus Feature from FX: Wilfred Pilot Episode

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