Kittie – I’ve Failed You

A Canadian all-female metal group, Kittie is heavy.  I mean that in regards to their sound.  Crank it up and it will lead to some bleeding from the ears.  I’m not kidding.  Interesting is the fact that you would expect plenty of angry lyrics to come with this kind of musical assault, but while there is plenty of anger it is often tempered with delightful moments of vulnerability, beauty and a touch of innocence.  It is these moments that separate the band from countless other metal acts.  Not many moments of light on the album as there are heavy helpings of sadness and doom. Instead of total anger they do tend to wear their emotions on their sleeves and it is in these moments that they endear themselves to the listener.  Quite a personal album.  Lead singer Morgan Lander is rendered human (as opposed to the usual superhuman metal front person) like the rest of us.  It is easily relatable.  Kittie have been together for 12 years and based on the lyrical content of I’ve Failed You they are a quite mature outfit who are not afraid to communicate who they really are.  These women have always churned out good music, but this album is probably their strongest body of work.

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