I would have to say that this sitcom was the surprise hit of the last television season.  Who would have bet that television watchers would tune in to a series about two plus-size people in a relationship?  Not me.  Viewers usually like to watch beautiful, sickly thin people especially if love is involved.  A cop and a schoolteacher meet at Overeaters Anonymous.  We follow their relationship as they meet, start dating, spend their first night together, etc.  The two are quite sweet and their relationship is for the tender of heart but there are plenty of raunchy moments as well.  As sweet as these two are are as messed up as their families are.  Via the families there are jokes about vomit, drugs and suicide. Contrasts make for the best humour, no?

Episode 1: Pilot: Grade school teacher Molly (played by Melissa McCarthy) meets beat cop Mike (played by Billy Gardell) at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting, likes him, so to spend more time with him asks Mike to speak to her class of fourth graders.

Episode 2: First Date: Mike goes shopping before his first date with Molly while she is fighting a cold.

Episode 3: First Kiss: Mike is not comfortable with Molly being a better bowler than he is.

Episode 4: Mike’s Not Ready: After their third date Molly invites Mike in but he declines.

Episode 5: Carl is Jealous: Carl is jealous of the time Mike spends with Molly so they decide to go on a double date.

Episode 6: Mike’s Apartment: Mike is preparing for a romantic date at his place with Molly but a phone call from his mother (played by Rondi Reed) puts a spoke in his wheels.

Episode 7: After the Lovin’: Mike feels he has gone a little too far showing his feelings to Molly so he decides to take Carl’s (played by Reno Wilson) advice and play it cool.

Episode 8: Mike Snores: Molly is having trouble sleeping due to Mike’s snoring.

Episode 9: Mike’s New Boots: Molly is really jealous when a woman flirts with Mike and he introduces her as his “friend”.

Episode 10: Molly Gets a Hat: After getting a hat as a gift from Mike’s mother, Molly feels pressured to invite her to Thanksgiving.

Episode 11: Carl Gets a Girl: Mike allows Carl to bring a date to his apartment so he spends more time at Molly’s house.

Episode 12: First Christmas: Since it is their first Christmas Mike tries to find the perfect gift for Molly.

Episode 13: Mike Goes to the Opera: After going to the opera Mike gets sick and Molly and his mom disagree over who should take care of him.

Episode 14: Molly Makes Soup: Molly isn’t happy when Joyce’s (played by Katy Mixon) boyfriend Vince (played by Louis Moranto) tries to become friends with Mike by playing basketball with him.

Episode 15: Jim Won’t Eat: Mike’s mom asks Molly to watch her dog while she is in the hospital getting gallbladder surgery.

Episode 16: First Valentine’s Day: Mike runs into Molly’s ex-boyfriend Kyle (played by Robert Gant) just before Valentine’s Day.

Episode 17: Joyce & Vince and Peaches & Herb: Molly goes out with her sister when Mike won’t leave his “comfortable” couch.

Episode 18: Mike’s Feet: Being forced to spend a lot of time together due to a snowstorm, Mike and Carl start to irritate each other.

Episode 19: Peggy Shaves Her Legs: Mike is worried about what his mother will divulge about his childhood when she and Molly make plans to have lunch together.

Episode 20: Opening Day: Mike asks Molly to attend Chicago Cubs Opening Day with him and Carl.

Episode 21: Samuel Gets Fired: Mike lets Samuel (played by Nyambi Nyambi) move into his place when he loses his apartment after getting fired from his job.

Episode 22: Cigar Talk: Joyce asks Vince to escort her to her high school reunion and he admits to Mike that he never finished high school.

Episode 23: Victoria’s Birthday: Victoria’s 30th birthday is coming up and there is plenty of drama.

Episode 24: Peggy’s New Beau: Peggy’s new boyfriend makes Mike uneasy when he questions him about marrying Molly.

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