Life seems to be one continuous struggle for Alicia Florrick (played by Julianna Margulies).  If she is not having trouble at work with a struggling firm or a difficult case then she is having to deal with her husband Peter’s attempt to work his way back into her heart and bed after having been to jail for the illegal stuff he did when he was the district attourney.  Plus he is asking her to forgive him for being unfaithful to her with a prostitute.  Needless to say, the media has been brutal in their coverage of the sex scandal.  Alicia is an upper class lady with a bumpy life.  As if that wasn’t enough, at work she and her boss Will Gardner (played by Josh Charles) continue their will they or won’t they relationship.

Episode 1: Taking Control: Alicia can’t decide if she will stand by Peter or act on her feelings for Will.

Episode 2: Double Jeopardy: Peter’s run for State Attourney heats up as his opponent Glenn Childs (played by Titus Welliver) plays dirty.

Episode 3: Breaking Fast: Alicia finds herself having to depose Glenn Childs when her firm files a malicious prosecution suit against the State Attourney’s office.

Episode 4: Cleaning House: Alicia is under the threat of disbarment when she is accused of leaking the details of Glenn Childs’ deposition to help Peter’s campaign.

Episode 5: VIP Treatment: The firm is debating bringing a sexual assault case against a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Episode 6: Poisoned Pill: More of Kalinda’s (played by Archie Punjabi) secrets are revealed.

Episode 7: Bad Girls: Alicia finds herself defending a teen pop star (played by Miranda Cosgrove) who is at first charged with DUI then attempted murder.

Episode 8: On Tap: Working on a case defending a city alderman (played by Mykelti Williamson) against the charge of accepting bribes, Alicia finds herself having to listen to hours of wiretap tapes and while listening she hears Will talking about a voicemail to her that she never received.

Episode 9: Nine Hours: The firm has nine hours to gain a reprieve for a client on death row.

Episode 10: Breaking Up: The son of a major client and his girlfriend (played by Leelee Sobieski) are accused of drug possession and murder and the firm’s only hope of keeping the son out of jail is to convince him to turn on his girlfriend.

Episode 11: Two Courts: There is a new alliance at Lockhart, Gardner and Bond.

Episode 12: Silly Season: In an attempt to get Peter to drop out, one of the opposing campaigns targets the Florrick children.

Episode 13: Real Deal: Attourney Louis Canning (played by Michael J Fox) is back and he and Alicia go head-to-head once again in a class action suit.

Episode 14: Net Worth: Alicia finally admits her true feelings for Will to herself.

Episode 15: Silver Bullet: Diane (played by Christine Baranski) and Alicia defend ballistics expert Kurt McVeigh (played by Gary Cole) in a case about previous testimony he gave.

Episode 16: Great Firewall: Cary (played by Matt Czuchry) tells Kalinda that she is being investigated by the State Attourney’s Office.

Episode 17: Ham Sandwich: The firm represents their client, a drug kingpin (played by Mike Colter), in a bitter divorce case.

Episode 18: Killer Song: Kalinda and Peter address their past.

Episode 19: Wrongful Termination: A former Lockhart/Gardner partner dies and the firm finds out the new owner of his firm is Louis Canning.

Episode 20: Foreign Affairs: Eli (played by Alan Cumming) tries to convince Alicia to at the last minute take part in Peter’s campaign.

Episode 21: Alicia deals with the aftermath when she finds out what went on between Peter and Kalinda.

Episode 22: Getting Off: Kalinda, feeling rather guilty, makes the decision to leave the firm.

Episode 23: Closing Arguments: Alicia, who has made it clear to Kalinda that she wants nothing to do with her, finds herself having to work with her.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Season 1 DVD Release Party, A Conversation with the King, Part 1 + 2, Alicia Florrick: Real Deal Inside the Episode, Alan Cumming’s Videos, An Evening With The Good Wife, Campaign Music Videos: “Stiff Sentence”, “Peter is the Man”, “Wendy Scott-Carr”