Montreal Greek Film Festival 2011 Preview

Due to its economic troubles the country of Greece is often in the news lately.  The medium of film is one way that the misconceptions about the country can be cleared up.  In that light, a film festival like this is an important event.

The third edition of the Montreal Greek Film Festival will present films in their original Greek language with English subtitles.  The wide variety of films are recent and classics.  Greek films are undergoing a renaissance and as such more are being made.  As a result the films coming from Greece, whether of the comedic or dramatic genres, give us some insight into the trends, culture and society of this ancient country.

Part of this year’s festival will be a tribute to director Pandelis Voulgaris.  Three of his films will be screened.  Brides deals with the emigration from Greece in the 1920s, With Heart and Soul is about the Greek Civil War and Happy Days tells the story of the dark days of the dictatorship.  Brides is being screened on the opening night and will be followed by the Opening Night Cocktail at the Parc Avenue Presse Café (3501 du Parc).

The classic Rembetiko will also be part of the festival. It is based on a true story. This musical drama follows the turbulent life of popular singer Marika Ninou’s life which began with her birth in Smyrna, Turkey, which  in many ways also follows the history of Greece during this period. Music lovers will discover rembetika music which has been compared to American blues, Portuguese fado and the Spanich flamenco.

A special evening this year will be dedicated to Greek wines.  The wine tasting night is happening on November 1st and is co-presented by General Consulate of Greece in Montreal and AENOS, the Cephalonian Brotherhood.  After the screening of the film Earthquakes, the wine tasting and food from the Cephalonian region will be there for your enjoyment.

The closing night will happen at the Rialto Theatre on Parc Avenue.  The film being screened is My Sweet Canary in its North American premiere.  Afterwards the festival awards will be handed out, a performance by Cirque du Soleil, performance by singer/composer Nitza Melas, and of course, food and wine.

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