This DVD is kind of a mish mash of good episodes and bad episodes.  In life you have to take the good with the bad.  Even when it comes to cartoons.  SpongeBob used to be a cute, yellow, square spongue and in some of these episodes I found him a little intolerable.  You judge for yourself.

Episode 1: Spongicus: Plankton turns the Chum Bucket into a replica of the Colosseum including a man-eating lionfish.

Episode 2: Suction Cup Symphony: Squidward’s musical entry in the Bikini Bottom Symphony Orchestra Competition oddly enough was inspired by SpongeBob and Patrick.

Episode 3: House Fancy: Squidward is jealous that Squilliam’s house is on the show House Fancy so he plots to get the producers of the show to come to his house.

Episode 4: Krabby Road: Hoping that SpongeBob will write a song containing the secret ingredients for the Krabby Patty, Plankton invites SpongeBob to be a part of his band.

Episode 5: Penny Foolish: After believing he saw SpongeBob pick up a penny from the ground that he believes to be his, Mr. Krabbs goes off a bit.

Episode 6: Nautical Novice: Before going on a class trip to the Nautical Museum, SpongeBob commits to memory the entire history of boating.

Episode 7: Not Normal: It is very boring when SpongeBob becomes “normal”.

Episode 8: Gone: SpongeBob wakes up one day to find everyone in Bikini Bottom is gone.

Special Features:
-Animation Art Gallery
-Spongicus Storyboard Panels
-Character Art