Steve Hackett – Beyond the Shrouded Horizon

Because his talents as a guitarist and composer are so elevated Peter Gabriel in 1970 asked Steve Hackett to join his prog rock group Genesis.  Hackett stayed with Genesis over the course of eight albums and contributed much to their sound.  We are now many years later and the wonderful guitar player has gone on to record music with other bands and solo.  He seems bound and determined to become an even better guitarist and songwriter even this far on in his career.  His musical voyage is one of continuous evolution. No complacency with this guy. Plus he will always give the listener plenty of variety. On this double album (22 tracks in total), there can be a pounding rock tune one moment and then a soft ballad the next.  A smorgasbord of sound that will suit most any music fan’s tastes. The centerpiece of all the songs, no matter what style, is his excellent guitar playing. I like the fact that in between some of the songs there is no pause or break. One song just blends into the next making you think that there is a common theme or story amongst them all.

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