The L Word was a show about the lives of a group of lesbian friends and their lovers.  It was in essence a soap opera revolving around the lives and loves of these women who love women.  When a reality show came out two years ago entitled The Real L Word I had my doubts.  I doubted that it could be as titillating as The L Word.  Boy was I wrong!  It might even be more risky, racy and wild.  Partly because it is real and partly because these ladies are wild in every sense of the world.  If it is sex, fights, drunken behaviour, and drama that you are looking for then you have come to the right place.

Episode 1: Fresh Start: Whitney’s ex-girlfriend, Rachel, moves to Los Angeles, Claire is thinking about moving from New York to Los Angeles to find out if there is anything left between her and Francine, Cori and Kacy have decided to have a baby, and Sajdah, who just came out one year ago, is looking for her first lesbian relationship.

Episode 2: The Morning After: Romi and Kelsey’s lack of a sex life is really bothering Kelsey, Whitney is back with Sara and Kacy and Cori have dinner with two male friends they want to ask for sperm from.

Episode 3: Back to Square One: Whitney goes to San Francisco to get away from her problems, Romi is having difficulties with her decision to be sober, Sajdah and Chanel’s relationship is moving forward quickly and Kacy and Cori find a sperm donor online.

Episode 4: The Other L Word: A dinner with Kacy and Cori lets Whitney and Sara see how dysfunctional their relationship is, Sajdah throws a birthday party for Chanel that does not end well, Romi tries to focus on her career and Claire moves into her own apartment.

Episode 5: It’s About to Get Juicy: Kacy and Cori attend their first meeting with the doctor performing their procedure, Whitney decides it is time for her to get over Sara and Romi is not happy about the fact that Kelsey refuses to stop drinking.

Episode 6: Baby Batter Up!: Romi’s first week on the job sees her going to Las Vegas for a show, Cori and Kacy continue to have baby making problems, Sajdah plans a romantic day for Chanel and Claire is very upset when Francine throws all her stuff out on the front lawn.

Episode 7: Playing With Fire: Kacy turns to God in her and Cori’s efforts to have a baby, Sajdah’s behaviour seems to overwhelm Chanel and Romi’s jewellery line seems about to take off.

Episode 8: The Hardest Time: The pressure of trying to get pregnant wears on Kacy and Cori, Whitney reaches out to a struggling Rachel, Sajdah’s mother arrives for a visit and Francine decides to come out to her traditionally Japanese mother.

Episode 9: The Pieces Fall Into Place: Whitney and Romi try to figure out their feelings for each other, Sajdah realizes that she and Chanel did move too fast in their relationship, Francine’s mother comes to town and this might be Kacy and Cori’s last chance to get pregnant.

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