Bjork – Biophilia

Bjork is a musical act who has never cowtowed to styles or trends.  She does her own thing, everyone else be damned.  Eclectic is she.  Covering many different musical styles like electronica, pop and dance, Bjork has managed to maintain her integrity while achieving commercial success.  Not an easy feat, that!  Biophilia is the Icelandic artist’s attempt to create a multi-media product that marries music and the environment.  Besides the music there are also iPad apps included in the package.  The apps (games, music, editorials, etc) allow fans to investigate more deeply the issues the music has brought up.  Critics are hailing the album and calling it groundbreaking.  They are also saying that this will pave the road for the future of all albums.  Get used to it, people, music and technology are about to become one. Musically the songs are all stirring emotionally.  Technically the music is all top class as usually is the case with Bjork.  What she manages to do it not only make it technically sound and ambitious, but also will dredge up all kinds of feelings in the listener.  Dense stuff that will take a few listens just to scratch the surface of understanding what she is attempting to do and communicate.

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