Jumping the Broom

Jason (Laz Alonzo – Avatar, Fast & Furious) comes from a blue collar background and has made it good on Wall Street.  Sabrina Watson (Paula Patton – Hitch, Precious) is from an upper class family.  Once they meet or to be more precise, once Sabrina almost kills Jason by hitting him with her car, it is love at first sight. A chink in their armour happens when Sabrina is offered a great job…in Japan.  Realizing that he has to put up or lose her, Jason proposes to Sabrina.  They are getting married after only knowing each other five months.

While Jason and Sabrina might be the perfect couple their families aren’t.  Their wedding is happening at Sabrina’s family’s estate in Martha’s Vineyard.  The clash of the families begins almost immediately.  Sabrina’s mother, Mrs. Watson (Angela Bassett – What’s Love Got to Do With It, Malcolm X) is an upper crust matriarch who likes things just so while Jason’s mom (Loretta Devine – Crash, I Am Sam) is a Brooklyn say-whatever-comes-to-your-mind kind of gal.  Each sides has its way of doing things and their own traditions.  So much clashing goes on that now Jason and Sabrina’s wedding is in jeopardy.

It is not perfect, but it is perfect for when you want a light film that will have a tear in your eye one moment after it has you chuckling out loud.  Have to enjoy Salim Akil’s (directed episodes of The Game and Girlfriends) film for what it is.  Yes, it is obviously a little too much at times, but that is just in order to stay on the path it wants to tread on.

Special Features:
-You’re Invited: Behind the Scenes
-Honoring the Tradition of Jumping the Broom
-Previews of Sony Blu-ray Disc, The Grace Card, Columbiana, Never Back Down 2: The Beat Down, Friends With Benefits, Zoo Keeper

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