Meaghan Smith – It Snowed

I’m on a roll with the Christmas albums.  I groaned when I saw that the next album in my review pile was another Christmas album.  Once I started listening to it, though, I changed my tune.  You would have to be a real Grinch to not enjoy this one. Canadian artist Meghan Smith is a perfect Christmas album artist, if there is such a thing.  Everything she does is warm and genuine.  From the very first notes of It Snowed you’ll find yourself drawn into her songs like you would be on a cold day to a warm fire blazing on the hearth.  Her voice is perfect for the songs and it will plant a smile on your face that will last a long time. An album that will soon become a Christmas class and tradition for those who are lucky enough to hear it. Songs on the album include “Baby It’s Cold Outside”, “Wish Upon a Star” and the title track “It Snowed”.

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