Nickelback – Here and Now

2011 has been an interesting year for Nickelback.  Despite their popularity they are one of the most hated rock bands going. There is even a petition being circulated by Detroit Lion fans trying to stop the band from playing at halftime during their Thanksgiving Weekend NFL matchup against the Green Bay Packers. This internet petition has got 50,000 signatures.  Lots of Nickeback-lash going on against the Alberta rockers. While Here & Now is their seventh studio album there hasn’t been much of an evolution in the band’s sound.  Meaning that if you have been a fan all along then you will like the album.  It is filled with arena rock that sings of finding the perfect woman, going to a great party and the usual little bit of social consciousness thrown in for good measure. The band produced the album themselves and that makes a lot of sense as they must know by now what kind of sound they want.  Why pay someone else, right? The songs on Here & Now range from hard rock anthems to soft ballads.

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