Through the magical powers of this DVD collection you can spend Christmas, Halloween and her birthday with Dora. This proposition will delight most young girls.

Dora’s Christmas:
Episode 1: A Present for Santa: Dora and Boots want to leave a gift for Santa but they will need your help getting to the North Pole in time.

Episode 2: Rapido, Tico!: Boots’s toy is atop Snowy Mountain and Swiper is after it. Tico is coming to the rescue to get Dora and Boots there before the master thief.

Episode 3: School Pet: Mimo the hamster, Dora’s school pet, has gone missing. Dora and Boots need your help getting Mimo back safe and sound.

Episode 4: Quack! Quack!: Dora and Boots are off on another adventure. This time happens after they jump into a colouring book to bring a lost baby duck back home to her mom.

Dora’s Halloween:
Episode 1: Boo!: It is Halloween and Dora and Boots find a trick-or-treater who doesn’t need a costume – Little Monster. They have to get him back home before the clock strikes midnight.

Episode 2: The Missing Piece: Inside Dora’s puzzle the wizard cannot perform any magic without his magic wand puzzle piece.  You have to go with Dora and Boots to the end of the rainbow to find the missing piece.

Episode 3: To the Monkey Bars: Dora wants to climb the monkey bars so it is off to the park to try it out. To get there she has to go over the Troll Bridge and up Wind Hill first.

Episode 4: The Big Storm: Dora sees that a big storm cloud is approaching so she and Boots have to get back home with all their friends before the storm hits.

Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure:
Episode 1: Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure: Dora and Boots face an epic quest and they need your help. They have to get by a mean witch in order to find the Wishing Wizzle so they can wish themselves home in time for Dora’s big birthday party.

Episode 2: Dora Helps the Birthday Puzzle: Dora and Boots are attempting to bring a Wishing Wand back to the Birthday Wizzle in order to bring birthday wishes back to all in Wizzle World.

Episode 3: Wizzle Wishes: A little Wizzle is lost and cannot seem to wish himself home. In order to do so Dora and Boots have to capture his runaway wishes and need your help doing so.

Special Features: Santa Claus’s Treasure Hunt, DVD Game