All kinds of magical creatures are parts of this latest Dora the Explorer DVD collection.  Unicorns, dragons, kings, witches, Pegasus, a giant, and others.  Every type of magical creature that inhabit the brain and imaginations of young people can be found here and that leads to a number of magical adventures.

Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom:
Episode 1: Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom: The Crystal Kingdom has been sapped of its colour by the greedy King as he has taken all of them. It is Dora to the rescue when she decides to save the kingdom by taking the risk of jumping into the storybook.

Episode 2: First Day of School: Boots and Tico are getting ready for their first day of school and Dora is going to escort them there. Boots is going to learn Spanish and Tico is going to learn English.

Episode 3: Boots’ Banana Wish: Boots makes a wish that he gets bananas every time he says the word. Soon his wish gets out of control and so he needs Dora, a special wishing machine and your help.

Dora Saves the Snow Princess:
Episode 1: Dora Saves the Snow Princess: The Snow Princess is trapped in a tower by the Mean Witch.  Dora and her friends need your help to jump into the storybook in order to rescue the Princess and save the melting Snowy Forest.

Episode 2: Dora’s Jack-in-the-Box: The Jack in the jack-in-the-box that Dora has bought for her baby brother and sister has a problem. He doesn’t know when to pop out of the box.

Episode 3: Bark, Bark to Play Park!: It is the Twins Day Party and Dora’s dog Perrito has a surprise waiting for him there. Dora will surprise him by bringing his twin brother along.

Fairytale Adventure:
Episode 1: Fairytale Adventure: Dora and Boots go exploring in Fairytale Land. Trouble occurs when Boots finds himself under the Mean Witch’s spell. To save him Dora must become a true princess.

Episode 2: What Happens Next?: Dora’s imagination will bring new twists to some classic fables and fairy tales.

Episode 3: The Magic Stick: Dora and Boots find a Magic Stick which will perform magic tricks only when it is upon the Highest Hill. Once they are there with your help they will try to figure out ways to use it.

Special Features: Colour Crystals Game, “Snow Princess Maze Adventure” Game, “Pegasus” Music Video, Sing Together, Song Choice, Photo Gallery, “Find the Fairytale Friends” – An Identification Game