It is very interesting to see someone you’re used to seeing on television hosting a chat show perform a live stand up routine.  Once they are out from under the censor’s thumb and can say whatever they want using the language that they want it really gives a more accurate picture of them.  I have always like Craig Ferguson as the host of the Late Late Show and this stand up performance cemented that for me.  He is a hoot!  This is how they would say it in Nashville, where the performance was taped.  Ferguson is not a joke telling kind of stand up performer, rather he tells yarns.  Good, long yarns.  Long yarns which are peppered with segues into smaller yet equally hilarious stories.

With the reins loosened, Ferguson spends a good chunk of time delving into the topic of his love for “friendly cussing”.  He explains that he is somewhat frustrated when he cannot use these words on television in order to add colour to his stories.  Other topics covered included what sex education was like growing up in Scotland, how celebrity scandals make for easy work days for him and how terrifying it was to meet “Bond-like” villain, Dick Cheney, while hosting the White House Correspondents dinner.

Plenty of realism and honesty from Ferguson.  But what I like most about him is his wit.  He really is quite bright in his comedy.  Really has a good grasp on today’s society and how it functions.

Special Features: Craig Arrives in Nashville, Fan Rap