Thousand Young – Thousand Young

This is the type of music that you don’t have to turn up to 11 (Ah, Spinal Tap) to feel the full force of. Down and dirty is how Welland, Ontario band does it. A mixture of grunge rock and punk is how you can categorize it. They go full out, balls to the wall at all times.  Even the ballads have some kick to them. Their self-titled debut has eight tracks and the titles of the songs give you an indication as to what you are in for.  Songs like “Hot and Heavy Brotha!” and “Sawmill Suicide” are self-explanatory. Filled with raw anger it is not the type of CD that you will put on to get yourself to sleep. These are 20-somethings with energy and testosterone to burn. The foursome is made up of Corey Hamilton on vocals/guitar, Paul Costello on guitar, Chris McKirdy on drums, and Tony Nero on bass.

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