Sacred Balance – Sacred Balance

On rare occasions Toronto and Montreal can get along or work together on something.  It is rare, but it does happen. Such a case is the band Sacred Balance. The electro trip rock outfit has just released their self-titled debut album. Founded by Montrealer Pouya Hamidi in 2008 the band began by playing gigs all through Toronto.    The lineup of band has changed over the three years with members coming and going kind of like Broken Social Scene.  Right now there are five members.  The six tracks on Sacred Balance focus on heavy beats and bass. Undeniably original their sound almost sounds improvised or like a jam by the band was recorded.  The at times beautiful vocal harmonies, Middle Eastern twinges, and a style of drumming that makes everything else move is quite intense.  That reaction makes sense as the band wants to evoke a physical reaction with their music. Ambitious! A cool little detail about the CD is that if you buy it you have a one of a kind.  This is because the CD sleeve, which is made from recycled material, is hand painted resulting in no two being exactly the same.

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